Wakey Alarm Clock – Calmly cue your bedtime routine

[App] Wakey Alarm Clock

Wakey Alarm ClockWakey – The Cutest Alarm Clock

Wake up with a smile using Wakey, the cutest and most immersive alarm clock app in the universe!


The cutest alarm clock on Android
Crafted with Material Design charm for an awesome user experience
Exclusive Alarm Sounds: Gentle wake-ups with original ringtones
Bedtime Reminders: Calmly cue your bedtime routine
Wakeup Challenges: Solve different challenges to dismiss the alarm and wake up your brain
Sleep Sounds: Choose the perfect backdrop sound for a restful night’s sleep
Wakeup Check: Let us check up on you after the alarm was dismissed. If you don’t confirm your wakeup, we’ll trigger the alarm again
Powernap: Quick nap timers from 5 to 120 minutes, for the perfect mid-day nap
Alarm Pause: Set a specific range to pause alarms
Vacation Mode: Enjoy alarm-less time off
Swipe to Dismiss: Easy snooze or dismiss with a swipe
Custom Snooze Interval: Tailor the snooze interval to your liking

Minimalistic, Material Design for simplicity
Gradual Volume Fade-in for a gentle wake-up
Set alarms with custom ringtones or songs
Disable snooze for a focused wake-up
Location-based sunrise & sunset times for alarms
Optimized for the latest Android OS versions

Wakeup Challenge Types
Math Challenge: Solve a custom amount of math questions
Tap Challenge: Tap the screen however many times you like
Barcode Challenge: Scan any or a specific barcode you preselect

Why Wakey?

Wakey is not just an alarm clock; it’s a cute and gentle wake-up companion featuring:

Spectacular design and immersive animations
Original ringtones and delightful sounds
Smiling sunrise and cute lunar animations

Join over 500K users who wake up with a smile using Wakey Alarm Clock, rated 4.5 stars by tens of thousands of people!

Help us help you!
Have feedback or special requests? Reach out to us; we take user feedback seriously to make Wakey even more cute and wonderful.

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Wakey Alarm Clock user reviews :

Gentlely wakes me up from sleep. Gone are the days of suddenly waking up to sirens! The design is cute, I love the adorable moon shape and the availability of features like puzzles or challenges, even if they’re behind a paywall. This app does one thing really well, and that is waking me up feeling good again!

i’ve been using wakey for a while now maybe for like 5 or 6 months and i really liked it until yesterday when the alarm didn’t go off for some reason and i almost missed school. and when i opened the app to see the problem all the old alarms were deleted for some reason and i’m 100% sure i did nothing. so please try solving this problem

Unreliable. Randomly the alarm will not play the alarm sound and will only vibrate, causing me to sleep in. This has happened twice now. Why can noone make a fully functional alarm app?

Okay, but it needs more puzzles :( and so laggy Update 2023: I love this app. It’s better now, and I really wish they had more puzzles other than math. Good idea would be matching puzzles, and also, when you start the puzzle, if the volume can be lowered as a feature, that would be great. I hate pressing and holding a mute button while I do math

  • Hey, There’s been a lot of updates since November. I believe you’ll find the app much smoother now. I’ve also added QR Code/Barcode challenges, and there are more on the way. Starting with next month’s version, the volume will also be lowered when solving challenges. Thank you so much for your input!

the alarms are really good because at first when the alarm goes off its quiet then if you still don’t get up and turn it off it will get Continuously louder

it actually works I love this app so much and I really appreciate this app it has a sound thing which is loud but it’s okay but I think they should add is a alarm sound thingy to pick a sound I love this app so much

I’ve had Wakey for ages and it has been fine. Unfortunately, in the past couple of weeks some alarms (old and new) have failed to go off and not waking me. It’s a disappointment because I always liked the Wakey alarm and thought it was trustworthy but now it’s unreliable. Don’t know why.

I LOVE IT! I know all variations of alarm clocks, having tested them all over 12 years! This ranks right up there. Simple to use/user-friendly. Nice graphics and positive energy throughout this app.

Beautiful and reliable. I used Alarm Clock Plus for the past ten years until the Android 10 update made almost every alarm clock in the play store unable to set off an on screen alarm properly. Wakey uses a nice blue color behind the Android 10 pop up notification that appears to be the same size now on any alarm clock or app, but at least with the blue it makes it a bit easier to see from bed without my glasses on. User friendly interface, cute layout, and very reliable, loud alarms.

I started using this app after upgrading to Android 10 broke the alarm clock app I’d used for years (Timely). This app is an excellent replacement for Timely. It works similarly; fades the music in, swipe up/down to dismiss/snooze, and as a bonus the moon/sun animations are adorable & add a nice little start to the day. After a few weeks I decided to support the developers & upgrade. But, one feature I miss from Timely is when you set your alarm, it showed how much sleep you will be getting.

It’s cute and works great! I especially love that if you set an alarm for AM it shows a sun and if you set it for PM then it immediately shows a moon. Never again will I accidentally set an alarm for PM instead of AM. You can also set a long fade in and specify when the alarm should turn off like 5 minutes which is great if you leave the room and forget to turn off the alarm. The default alarm sound is not actually annoying. It’s wakes you gentle and is calming.

I love the app because it really wakes you up! The ringtone is cute and it enables me to snooze it later. Then it will ring every 3 minutes. Also with premium, puzzle and screentap are available!!! It is really useful because you are able to wake up directly as you have to solve the puzzle or else the alarm won’t stop. I love it! Thank you

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