Path of Immortals – Defend the world from demonic hordes

[Game] Path of Immortals

Path of Immortals Do you dare tread the Path of Immortals?

Control the mighty Berserker, the vicious Ranger, and the otherworldly Druid — each a child of angels, born to defend the world from demonic hordes!

Path of Immortals is a nonstop, hack-n’-slash, fighter-looter, dungeon celebration. Slay your way to fame and fortune over many levels of dungeon-delving fun, then take a break and let your Immortals continue forging your path to power!
Create your legend for FREE!

ADVENTURE MODES: Carve your way through the Wilderness to defeat Bosses, master your skills in the Angelic Trials, discover your Immortals’ ancient histories in the seasonal events, and foil demons’ dark designs as you explore the Storymode!
RPG-STYLE GAMEPLAY: Level up your Immortals, their equipment, and their abilities with fortune cards and angel feathers! Grind your way to epic lootdrops, or craft legendary items at the Forge!
SWITCH UP YOUR HEROES: Multiple Immortals to choose from! Change your hero whenever you return to town!
TEAM UP FOR MORE ACTION: Join a Guild with players from all over the world to earn greater glory — and fantastic rewards!
MULTIPLAYER LEADERBOARDS: Rank yourself against players from all around the world. Show off your success!
IDLE VICTORIES: Level up your heroes as you guide them in battle, and they’ll grind out experience and loot for you while you relax!
FREE TO PLAY: Path of Immortals is free to play! Optional in-app purchases are available.
SAVE THE WORLD: The Gate to Hell is opening and the Lord of Dread will break free — fight your way through demon hordes and stop the apocalypse!

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Path of Immortals user reviews :

Great graphics, sound, rewards and events. BUT: the grinding is only made idlely, barely any items to level up my legendary gear. The fact that replying areas gives 0 items is stupid or that there is a limit. Map 5, at 120k character is very difficult (with talents and guardians with skills). I want to play this game, but from fun, the gameplay became torture. Instead of energy you chose difficulty. Item drops are the biggest drawback.

Overall: a very good game. The game have a lot of things that I want in a game, events, upgrades, a lot of upgrades. Buuuut, a lot o paid content. Literally, every event is like “take this few things… but if you paid you will get the better stuff” and it is visible when you recruit a character with the same lvl but that doubles you power level.

This was a very fun game until the devs broke it with the last “update.” It has been a couple of days and we have gotten multiple “fixes” and yet it still crashes every 10 minutes or so. EVERYONE is complaining about losing battle power. The game is pretty much unplayable now. Thanks for sucking at your jobs so badly that you broke the game! I wanted to update my review after some time went by. They did fix the bugs that were making the game unplayable. The additions are more enjoyable. Thanx

  • Dear Immortal, we’re sorry for the crash issue. Recently, we are releasing updates for improvements, tweakings, bug fixes, and issues. If yours has been fixed, please don’t forget to review and rate us again, if not, please reach us at support_poi[at] or via in-game Support button.

The game is really well made. It follows the ‘archero’ style, but imo and at least so far, less chaotic and less ‘rogue-like’ and a more interesting storyline. The problem are the ads – they are pretty much required for several important parts of the gameplay. You can pay to have an ads free experience, but at the same time there are more interesting stuff you could buy instead of maybe what should have been free. Also, the ads don’t seem to be ‘targeted’, so I have no love for the games shown.

I won’t lie it’s gotta be one of my favorite types of these games. Good voices, no issue with actual gameplay, only issue is during levels even if I’m not touching the screen it skips dialogue a little over halfway through their lines and starts the next one so if I don’t read fast it can be choppy. definitely willing to bump it up to five stars and don’t see a reason yet to bump it down

  • Dear Tyler Kurtz, it’s great to hear you’ve seen the potential in our game! We’re working on more events, in-game quests, challenges, and more to make our game more exciting. Also, our teams are working hard to optimize our game to a wide variety of devices. Thank you for your precious feedback. Hope we deserve your 5-stars with upcoming days.

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