Pinball Pro – Sets a new standard for realistic ball physics

[Game] Pinball Pro

Pinball ProPinball Pro is #1 pinball game for your Android phone and features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables.

This game sets a new standard for realistic ball physics and graphical detail in pinball video games. You will be stunned with the level of realism and cutting-edge visuals.

How to Play:
Press and hold anywhere to launch a new ball
Touch right or left side to control flips

Game Features:
5 Innovative Table: Classic, Lucky Stones, Lucky Wheel, Carnival, Chrismas
Visually stunning graphics
Unique soundtrack with atmospheric music, sound effects
The most advanced ball physics

Pinball Pro user reviews :

This is a brilliant game or at least if would be if the game stopped freezing whilst in the midst of a point also stop the adds from bloody popping up when a person is I the middle of a point. I am aware that adds have to be played but could you at least wait until a person has finished playing the point. I play other pinball games and none of them have this problem. However on the whole this is a great game. Could and would be better once those problems are fixed.

It says realistic ball physics, that’s… Not true. The ball will stick to things, doesn’t seem to bounce at all, and seems to slide along the surfaces it’s on… Graphics are kind of blah, sounds are few and rather repetitive. It’s an okay pinball game. It does give you five balls which is a huge plus if you’re enjoying the game.

Really like the game but hate that, on my Samsung Galaxy A50 phone, I have to turn off “gestures” and turn on the navigation bar, which I hate, because if I don’t the game’s (“resume” “restart” “high scores” “menu”) menu comes up 20 or 30 times a game at random triggered by the operation of the flippers. Otherwise I would have rated it 5 stars.

Decent enough. It comes with 4 tables, none of which are particularly interesting but they aren’t bad. The physics are good and the music they use is fitting, but all the songs are short loops [probably 20 seconds at most] ]that have a noticeable gap between each repetition.

the 1st game out of the selection was the best of em all, but its gotten SO slow on the upper section where you really make the points.Since ive been playing again its like the ball weighs 10 lbs. & the swatters are too slow to make it fun anymore. id NEVER get the scores the way its running. ill try a couple of more times, if it dont go back to the way it use to be, ill have to delete it.Speed it back up. like tryin to knock the bottles over in a carnival.

Boy, I remember playing this when it came out in 2012 and despite it still somehow receiving updates apparently, it’s design and resolution do not hold up at all. It’s not a perfect pinball game but it can be entertaining. However, if you have an older phone then it’d be better to play this game on that phone rather then anything from the past 5 years

Just open the app and play. As easy as that. The ads are very decent, not disturbing, only showing up before and after playing. Graphics are perfect, gameplay and controls are perfect, noises are authentic. Several nice tables. I recommend that app.

Really quick to get started playing. Controls are entire half screen for each flipper, which is way better than other pinball games I’ve tried. Longer flippers mean more time playing each ball. Boards are streamlined design, which is probably for the best on a mobile screen.

As far as Android type pin ball games go, not bad. I only just started playing this game but was hooked immediately. The are old school style pin ball machines, 70:s and retro 1980;s. The biggest problem playing on. Phone is you can loose the ball in all the glitter of the machine. I’m not even sure if they still make use pin ball machines anymore. They were the first electronic gaming machine to make money. Good job to the developers.

Back in my day, this was (probably) the best Pinball game I’ve played. Now, it hasn’t aged well, considering it’s free. And if an app is free, there’s a chance that you will get an ad after EVERY, SINGLE, SECOND. I’m rating this 3 stars. In the future, I would rate it 5 stars if this gets a rehaul.

App has good table options, and I like the christmas one best. All easy to play. Wouldn’t mind having a few more tables thrown in just for good measure, or change existing ones up a wee bit!

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