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[Game] Pet Shelter Trivia Crack


Prove you can save cats and dogs by answering trivia questions! They are waiting for you!
Do you love pet games? Don’t miss this new adventure by Trivia Crack’s creators!

Rescue: be the one the pets need.
The escaped pets are in trouble and it’s up to you to find them.
Team up with Jack, a street wise dog. Find out together the future of the Pet Shelter and recover your neighbor’s support.

Answer trivia: lots of trivia.
A new trivia adventure with over two million questions! Tease your wits with new quizzes proposed by users and curated by the team behind Trivia Crack. If you enjoy fun games and trivia games, don’t miss Pet Shelter.

Get stars and complete tasks.
The more you answer trivia questions, the more you get stars that help you to restore the local shelter and keep the pets happy! Are you ready to fix the rooms, clean the roof and feed dogs and kittens? You’ll have to give them a bath too!

Customize: renovate the shelter.
Ready to show your style in full? Relax, design and be creative! Pick your favorite deco: choose your own doors, sofas, windows. This is your own shelter! Feel free to express yourself through deco!

Be careful of Al Gattone!
This business cat arrived in town to cause trouble. Hurry up! If you don’t restore the shelter on time, Al Gattone will destroy your work and effort. Don’t let him get away with it!

Meet: dozens of neighbors to challenge.
Talk to neighbors and overcome their quizzes, receive clues and have fun. Experience a unique narrative meeting special characters.

Cute pets: each one specially crafted.
Restore the local pet shelter using your wits and knowledge. No one in town is as ready as you are. Are you ready for the trivia challenge? Beat the questions and win to improve your home.

Chill: enjoy the art and the trivia.
Have a peaceful moment and relax while playing and keeping your brain exercised.

So if you are looking for fun games, what are you waiting for? Download Pet Shelter now, rescue puppies and kittens and renovate the shelter while becoming a trivia expert!

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Pet Shelter Trivia Crack user reviews :

I was enjoying the game at first, but now not so much. Levels are getting a bit more difficult, there are not many categories of topics to choose from, and questions repeat often. The number of stars to get tasks done is becoming tedious. The ads can be a lot at times. Getting to choose designs in the shelter and rescuing pets is my fav part of the game, but despite achieving a high level in the game, I no longer can acquire pets, even though some are missing.

  • Hi, we’re sorry you feel that way. Our purpose is to provide a fun learning experience through the game. The opinions of our users are important to us, since they allow us to improve the platform and the service that we offer. If you want you can send us more suggestions through[at] Have a fantastic day!

this the potential to be a great game. however, currently it is a game with issues. first of all, the ads are literally every round. some rounds are only 1 question. granted, you can skip most of these ads after five seconds, but the ads themselves are laggy and bog down the app to the point of freezing. add removal is a great option but in this case it is ten dollars! which way too much for the possibility it will solve the lag issues.

  • Hi! Please email us at[at], so we can learn more about your suggestions and help you solve any issues that may come up. We hope you have a great day!

This is my favorite game out of all the games on the app store. I just discovered it today and I haven’t stopped playing it. I’m already on level 111. The trivia questions are really great, some are simple, but then others really stump ya. It is definitely a fair trivia. The storyline is fantastic and the graphics are great! I highly recommend this game. If I had to nitpick at it, it would be the advertisements can get annoying and repetitive, and the game will sometimes freeze, but HARDLY!

I went into this game not expecting to play for as long as I have been. I’m usually terrible with trivia games and despise tight timers on every question. But at least in this one, the variety of topics is welcome and there’s just enough time to let me do a quick Google search. The ads come after every level, but most I can skip and there are also plenty of rewards for ad-watching. Progress is decent even moving into the level 200s. Cute artstyle and pets too.

  • Hi, we are glad to hear that you enjoy the game. We wish you a good day!

I love this game but it has a few problems. It’s has a lot of spelling errors which is fine but it makes some parts unreadable. At some point you can’t collect anymore pets and I only have 2 rare ones. And at some point you run out of tasks. If there was a reset with added benefits that would give the game some replayability. Other than those complaints I love this game.

  • Hi, we encourage you to email us at so that we can provide you with assistance and clear any existing doubts. We look forward to looking from you!

I’m 50 levels in, and the game is great so far! The pets are cute, you get to decorate the shelter, and the trivia aspect is fun (even though there are spelling/punctuation errors in the questions) There are ads that are frequent, but to me, they’re not a big bother. Overall, a cozy feel good game I would

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