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Trivia Crack ExplorerDo you want to play without waiting for your opponent to finish a turn?

This is a new Trivia Crack experience to be enjoyed alone. All the trivia goodness, without any interruptions.

Milly is sowing evil across the land and Willy needs your help to rescue his friends. Answer questions to overcome levels and discover new maps. Along the way you will find new challenges and meet incredible characters.

Complete question streaks to win
Choose your favorite trivia topics
Rescue Willy’s friends
Get the best rewards with the bonus level
Discover the secret code in Temple Trial
Compete against the community in the League Ranking
Claim the free chest every day
Make your way through exciting new maps
Find out more about your favorite characters

Temple Trial is full of mysteries. You have 6 tries to answer questions, decipher the code and get the treasure.

Rise to the top of each League every week to get awesome rewards and to compete amongst the very best. Trophies are the key to victory, earn them by answering correctly and by completing maps.

Will you be able to stop Milly and bring peace back? There’s only one way to find out.

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Trivia Crack Explorer user reviews :

It’s good in theory but ruined by glitches and excess ads. Ads were kept on screen and plays between stages. Yes, you can pay to remove them but a little steep on pricing (like $3 for a month of no ads). Worst of all though is the glitches. I watched videos to continue but then it froze up and didn’t let me continue. Then I had to watch a video yet again when I restarted. Honestly that is the main issue but it happens on various places. Skip ads and it won’t freeze up.

  • Hi, thank you for your opinion regarding the in-game ads. It is important so that we can keep improving the app. With regard to the inconvenience you bring up, we invite you to get in touch with us at[ in order for us to analyze the issue and fix it as soon as possible. We look forward to your message!

The game is cute, however there are way too many ads. I understand that you need ads to keep the app free, yet when there is an ad on the top of the screen and after every single level, you are really overdoing it. Especially if you have microtransactions in your game too. Also every time you equip a new wheel the sound turns back on even though it is muted in the options.

  • Hi, we’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying our game! Please email us at[at] so we can help you with this issue. Have a great day!

I LOVE this game, but I’ve already gone as far as the game will let me go, and you can’t receive trophys on the temple trial, so I have no way of leveling up further. I am 6 trophys behind 1st place, but there is no more levels, so I’m stuck in second place, which is frustrating. It would be awesome if you could replay levels you’ve already done to earn more trophys, or even earn them in temple trial. Otherwise, awesome game. Adds are worth it, and I learn a lot.

It is a candy crush format style game. You get 5 lives and move up the map with rounds of trivia. It is an in ad game…so ads can pop up and be slightly annoying. Other than that 2 things I have noticed. 1) questions do repeat. I have had the same question asked within a few levels and had the same question asked on the exact same level as well 2) the game is extremely up to date. I just had a question asked about an event that happened one week prior to this review. 4 stars for ads

On the first day of playing this, I should not have ran into so many errors. I know there are quite a bit of ads, but when clicking one to get a reward and then not getting the reward at about once per ten levels is ridiculous. I even gave the benefit of the doubt and followed the instructions from the support website and reset the app – which shouldn’t need to be done anyways.

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