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Phoenix 2Phoenix 2 is the best looking shoot’em up that everyone can enjoy! Enjoy the marvellous action and defeat waves of menacing Invaders in daily new missions. Just some of the highlights are:

Over 100 ships to collect and upgrade. Each ship has its own unique weapons and two special abilities. Find and upgrade the ship that fits your play style and matches up well in the missions.

Every day a brand new mission is created using our improved procedural content generator. All players across the world play this daily mission and share their scores on our leaderboards. Create a community to get your own unique stages that you can play with your friends!

Phoenix 2 is designed and optimized for the newest devices. Our Flare engine, which was developed in-house, renders the intense action beautifully at high frame rate with advanced graphics effects, such as bloom and anamorphic lens flares.

Phoenix 2 requires an Internet connection.

Phoenix 2 user reviews :

fun, good graphics, smooth controls, and very good sound + music. i like different ships/weapons thus far. needs more levels, more rewardable mission goals, and i’d personally prefer regenerating upon death in the exact place I died rather than at beginning of level, but overall this has good potential. Also REALLY needs a way to earn more coins for upgrades. I’m not a f2p nut who hates on devs wanting to make money, to the contrary I like to spend $ to thank devs for their work, but plz…….

Loved this game for years, now. So happy to see it on Android, FINALLY (Love Apple. Just not iOS). This game is beautiful, challenging, and (most of all) a lot of fun. Many ships to collect and upgrade. The variety of which does help keep the game from getting stale. However, the intense action of the gameplay accomplishes that well enough on its own. Under the heaviest fire I’ve seen in any bullet hell style game, you have to be able to dodge just as well as you can aim. Phoenix FOREVER!

I played this game since the introduction of the iPhone 4 until the iPhone 6 plus. And now on the s23 ultra. This game is amazing. It is fun to play. It has so many ships and upgrades to unlock, but the game is very simple with no over complications! The developers are truly kind and care for their players. I spent the last 3 days messaging back and forth with the developer to help me retrieve my account. He was very patient and kept looking for ways to help me until he finally could.

One of the better free shmups out there, rivaling Sky Force even. Doesn’t take much of your time to commit too, 3 daily missions and you’re good (unless you’re going for the leaderboard badges). The grind for upgrading ships can get awful though, but not that the game give some crazy bonus for top performers, meaning you can eventually catch up.

up to this point it’s the best of these ship shooters I’ve played. I haven’t had one annoying pop up ad. it’s been really solid. only complaint is the mission structure makes no sense to me lol

Very entertaining shooter. However, I can only see that there’s 3 missions available. Each mission takes about 4-6 minutes to complete and that’s it?? There has to be more to this….

At first I was a sceptical regarding the gameplay,then after a few missions I trtully love the game,so many different ships to upgrade,able to match your playing style, the developers have made great game, download immediately

Nice to see it’s finally available on Android, however there are invisible walls on the top and bottom of the screen to limit the movement of the ship, not sure if they are there to fit different screen ratios of different Android devices.

I love this game. Very happy it’s now on Android. I played both Phoenix games on iOS many years back. Now all I need is for Phoenix HD to also be on Android and my life will be complete. Mr. El Drijver, if you’re reading this, I love what you and your team have done. Beautiful work. Keep it up.

by far the best Shmup experience on any platform! enhanced from Phoenix HD Firi Games has knocked it out of the part once more. my only criticism is to have the full screen real estate used for piloting your ship! other than that! take flight and complete the mission!

It was really excited seeing this game after long time not playing the Phoenix HD on my ipad, it brings nostalgia of old days… i only hope they also bring back the old soundtrack of the HD version

This game has no mandatory adds as of writing and the gameplay is fun what more could you want. The only problems are the gatcha elements and 3 mission per day limit, but those aren’t bad enough to bring the review down

Firi account please! I played this game for years back when I had my iphones (lifetime iphone user) and I have firi accoutn where I had lots of ships and credits but there is no option to sign in. Please add firi account log in option like there is on ios, I’ll be your biggest supporter!!!! Edit; I found login option (under pilot screen) but my progress is all gone, it is the same account that I used for years on ios, it appears that there is no cross save (ios-android), please add it Firi!!!

  • Accounts are cross platform. Contact us at and we should be able to recover your progress.

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