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PlumaPluma is a simple and fast web browser that blocks ads and annoying banners.

No ads
Built-in AdBlock for a better experience browsing your favorite websites.

Designed to work well on all kinds of devices, including Android Go and other low-end devices.

Dark mode
Give your eyes some rest by darkening the web contents.

Incognito mode
Use incognito tabs so that all browsing data (history, cookies, cache) is automatically erased from your device.

Data saving
Data saving options to reduce your data consumption and lower your data bill.

Play videos in the background with picture-in-picture
When watching a video in fullscreen, background Pluma in order to activate picture-in-picture mode, where you can continue watching the video while using other apps.

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Pluma user reviews :

It starts way faster than other browsers I’ve tried. It got a built in ad blocker. It isn’t as effective as uBlock with their filter lists, but it’s OK. I wish there was an option to make the “toolbar” at the bottom and place it at the top instead.

I have been using Pluma for the past week and I am very disappointed with the browser. The ad-blocking feature is not effective, as it still shows ads on some websites. The lightweight design is not enough to handle some websites, and the dark mode is not as effective as I had hoped. I also do not appreciate the incognito mode, as it does not provide enough privacy protection. The data-saving options are not as effective as other browsers, and the picture-in-picture feature does not work well on some devices. Overall, I do not recommend Pluma to anyone looking for a reliable and effective web browser.

Tried alot of browsers but I always come back to pluma. Second best is soul browser. Just needs more customization. Ex. Search bar being able to be placed at the bottom of the screen. Custom wallpapers. Just to name a few.

Hey, this app is fabulous! Why? 2mg download – security and ad blockers – no pop-ads to bother you – simple UI and fast website downloads, lots of web browsers say they are fast but this one really is. Also, like the way it displays said websites, looks nice and organized for easy reading.

The the best lightweight browser present right now !! (June 2023) It just lacks auto landscape while full screen videos , well it is good but it would be much better after this feature.

fast, lightweight browser, no ads. could use an option to open to the favorites links as a startup page, like most browsers call it speed dial. see chrome, opera.

Is this browser based on webview? There is not enough information on your site. It would be nice to have the function of clearing data on close, the function of translating selected text via the Google translator app, like other browsers and the history viewer

  • Hi! As you correctly pointed out, Pluma leverages Android’s WebView. We will add those feature requests to our plans! Thank you for using Pluma.

Wow! Very interesting to know that a fast browser like PLUMA exists. The features ebbeded in it are quite inviting. I pray that the developers should guide this app to avoid crashing. Again, I discovered while using it that “HOMEPAGE” is practically lacking in it. PLEASE, FIX IT! I reserve my 2stars pending when it’s featured

I am disappointed with Pluma. The AdBlock feature is not effective, as it still shows ads on some websites. The lightweight design makes the browser feel slow and unresponsive, especially on low-end devices like Android Go. The dark mode is not effective in protecting my eyes, as the screen is still bright and glaring. The incognito tabs are not effective in protecting my privacy, as the browser still collects and stores browsing data. The data saving options are not effective in reducing my data consumption, as the browser still uses a lot of data. The ability to play videos in the background with picture-in-picture mode is not effective, as the video still freezes and stutters. Overall, I am not satisfied with Pluma and do not recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, simple, and effective web browser.

GREAT and fast browser. Only thing that bugs me, though, is te lack of an opinion to disable search suggestions.

You should shout out loud, that this browser supports volume button scrolling, and does it without transition smoothing. I still use Vivaldi as the main browser, but Pluma becomes my secondary.

Please return dark mode for website content. It’s worked perfectly before current update. Android 8.1

Fast loading, light, and safer than the mainstream browsers.

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