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[Game] Pocket Roguelike

Pocket Roguelike  Pocket Roguelike is a hack & slash action RPG with procedurally generated levels, tons of loot and permadeath.

Find treasure chests, trade with merchants and fight strong bosses. Five heroes to choose from, each having unique equipment layout and 12 powerful skills to decimate foes in your path.

55 randomly generated levels
250 + loot to find
6 hero classes (Templar, Rogue, Barbarian, Mage, Druid and Necromancer)
Total of 72 powerful skills
Each class has unique equipment layout
Trade with merchants, open treasure chests, find hidden stashes
Enter brutal challenge areas
Permanent death

After a thousand years of peace in the realm, an ancient evil has formed a binding between the realms of light and dark. Demons and beasts are crawling through and ravaging the lands like wildfire. Brawest of heroes are called upon a quest to end the Corruption.

Start a journey from the snowy Haven’s Peak, travel through spider infested caves, dense forests and sinister dungeons. Can you survive to the Corruption and sever the dark binding between realms before it is too late? 55 randomly generated areas to fight through.

Find weapons, armors and jewelry with magical properties. Collect SETS of items. Find rare ancient LEGENDARY class items with epic properties. Pocket Roguelike has over 250 items!

Play as a TEMPLAR a devoted knight sworn to purge the unholy, skillful archer ROGUE or get ready to brawl as furiously strong BARBARIAN. Descend the dungeons as a MAGE, the master of elemental magic, decimate your foes as a shapeshifting DRUID or raise your own skeletal army as a NECROMANCER. Each class has unique powerful skills and equipment layouts.

No roguelike would be a roguelike without permanent death, so tread carefully hero.

No hero should have to handle heavy lifting. Travel with your trusted mule companion and let him carry all your loot. Mule can also visit the nearest town to sell items you don’t need.

Pocket Roguelike is actively developed (by one guy) and players’ suggestions and ideas are listened, i’ll keep my best to answer all of them. You can send me email at contact@takomogames.com or follow the development from my twitter channel at  twitter.com/takomogames

Pocket Roguelike has an original soundtrack made by The Gread Red. You can find more tunes by the artist from their Sound Cloud page at:  soundcloud.com/thegreatred.

Pocket Roguelike user reviews :

Great game. Responds well. Set back into the Diablo II gaming period, sharing much of the game’s aspects. Pretty easy to point out bugs though. Whenever I died and used an ad to save my stuff, it ended up sending me to the main menu with a repeating merchant grunt noise which would last into future games until I turned the app off and on again. There’s only one other bug I’ve encountered besides this though.
  • Takomo Games
  • What a funny bug. Thanks for notifying about it, it’s now fixed
My review used to be 2 stars. But the dev responded to my email fairly quickly and fixed my problem with the purchase of necromancer and now its fixed already
  • Takomo Games
  • Hi, contact me at contact[at]takomogames.com, i’ll help
It is a perfectly fine game but I really liked it a lot more when it you used to be more linear and straight to the point where you touch a big button in the middle of the screen to move and fight and where you needed to preserve your food bar in which goes down everytime you take a step and your storage space because it was fairly limiting, and that was what made it fun to me. But now it is just a generic rougelike where you just explore a large mostly empty landscape and get horrible loot.
  • Takomo Games
  • The early version game mechanic was something else wasn’t it, unfortunately majority of the players hated it. Glad to hear someone enjoyed it
love the concept of the game and its gameplay, surprisingly fun to play and it’s the first game I’ve ever played that I’m determined to finish. Edit: the game got ruined, before, you could’ve only went one way, without being able to run away, the play style was sort of unique because of that, now it’s just like every other dungeon crawler, go in, kill monsters, run away, kill some more monsters and run away some more.
  • Takomo Games
  • Hi, i’m sorry you do not like the changes. The 1.0 version’s casual game mechanic was different, but it had serious issues in the long run for being too casual. Gameplay consisted of pressing one button, player couldn’t evade enemy attacks, you couldn’t see the procedural aspect of the levels or explore because all the levels were just one path etc

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