Hybrid Warrior – Defeat your unworthy opponent

[Game] Hybrid Warrior – Dungeon of the Overlord

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Hybrid Warrior  One final battle with the Overlord.

The hero defeats the Overlord with his final strike, which ‘Yields Flesh for Bone’.
However, he is reduced to his bare bones as a result.

Slay monsters and equip their flesh to the hero.
Goblin arms increase attack speed!
Orc legs increase ATK!
The stranger it is, the stronger it can become.

PvP System
Show everyone else how cute your hero has become.
You can only do so by fighting other heroes in PvP.
Defeat your unworthy opponent and celebrate with a victory pose.

Study monster specimens.
Craft different types of flesh to your liking.
Craft skill potions with flesh you don’t need!

Experience a game like no other.

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Please send any questions to the email below
Contact: catlabstudio[at]gmail.com

Hybrid Warrior user reviews :

I like it, but it could be better. 1. Each stage should have info on what type of monsters they have. 2. Player should be able to travel to lower stage to farm for the monster they want(to complete research journal). Right now you can only go back 5 or 6 floor. 3. Weapons craft. Please!!! 4. There are people hacking in pvp, i saw a guy with damage value so high it appear in negative.

The gameplay is smooth and it’s simple and fun, but it doesn’t get five stars because it still has so much potential. There could be a lot more to do, there are seemingly no side missions or minigames. You could add more perks, or more skills, and a setting to increase the battle speed would be nice. Overall good game though

I really love the creativity of this game. It’s a build your character RPG with gacha stores. Something I feel it needs is maybe just an overall speed increase option like 1x, 1.5x, 2x, etc… But otherwise really enjoying it so far. A refreshing new take on RPGs that doesn’t feel like a copycat game.

Amazing 10/10 great game play and idea. No intrusive annoying ads. Just over all an amazing game, looking forward to more games like this one and people need to start making more games like this. Will be spending real money on this just to support the developers

Loaded with ads. At least they are usually short. Not a bad concept for a game, but it is lacking. It’s simple, fun, and massively overpriced in the store. Take it or leave it. Suggestions for the Developers; scale down the prices in the store so the most expensive is $10 so it’s actually worth it (and not $12 to add one lvl to my attack), and lower the over all exponential curve to the game so people can get farther and enjoy more, and buy more. Hint hint. It’s about making money, right?

Concept is fun, but I would like a greater variety of monsters to fight early on, maybe some rare monsters with better drops, the ability to buy weapons with gold. I’d also like more active abilities, and to be able to use potions between fights. If you’re going to limit pvp fights by tokens, give me a way to get more tokens. Also, I want to know why there’s an extra tab of the game that opens up everytime I open the game. That’s a little sketchy to me, but it might be ad related. Which still

Pretty fun game, quite addictive. Some improvement points: increase flesh drop rates (not just last Monster), give a reward for rankings in PvP weekly so PvP is not pointless, maybe try to vary the last boss models or give variety, maybe you can let us reroll equipment stats? Maybe try to vary some stage designs, or give some bigger end game content, more bosses maybe. Otherwise it’s fun game

One star as I cannot connect to either the Google account or Facebook, when I’m prompted to select an option, after tapping it the game remains in a continuous loop of infinite loading. Lost all my progress due to this. Exept for this the game is fun and immersive as I can spend a lot of time on it without getting bored or remaining out of stuff to do. The pvp could be a bit lacking as it only gives you a few medals and the reward doesn’t rank up with harder foes.

Pretty simple to get into and start working through the dungeon. The concept of grafting the flesh is pretty unique for the equipment. I wish the gold truncation wasn’t confusing at first. I’ve played a fair bit of idle games before and having 5000 marked as 5.00A is rather confusing since ‘A’ usually comes after hitting quadrillion, not at a thousand.

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