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Pocoyo PlaySet LearningPocoyo Playset has been awarded as the BEST LEARNING APP for Tablets in the Digital-Preschool category at the international KIDSCREEN AWARDS.

With Pocoyo Playset kids till 6 years old will learn and have fun!

Pocoyo Playset is a collection of games based on curricular orientations created by pedagogues and educators.

Pocoyó is one of the most popular animation characters for kids 0 to 6 years old with the aim of helping kids to learn with joy and fun playing with images, music and sound.

Pocoyó Playset is a suite of educative games heavily focused on helping young children build strong first skills on Math and English pre-reading and reading skills.


English language development area is oriented to help assimilate new vocabulary and language content and reinforces reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. From colors, feelings and emotions, friendship, the five senses, body movements to first space concepts, alphabet…

Math games provides preschoolers the possibility to get acquainted with early math concepts. Pocoyo is introducing kids to interact with 2D and 3D shapes, numbers, understand addition and subtraction, counting, magnitude, data organization, etc.

With this amazing world of Pocoyo, kids have 15 new programs and mobile educational games and complete mobile games to learn and practice English and Maths, creating one of the most fascinating learning environments.


Temporal and spatial orientation.
Oculus-hand coordination.
Analogical relations establishment.
Analysis, classification and ordination.
Increases deductive thinking capacity.
Psycho-motor control.
Problem solving approach to progress BUILDING imagination and thought.
Information processing: applying what they learned in earlier phases to advance
Development of basic cognitive processes and attention and concentration (both stimulus and discrimination among many others).
Greater self empowerment.
Reading comprehension.


FACTS: Knowledge, memory, repetition and PRINCIPLES caused-Effect relations.
PROBLEM SOLUTION and its transfer on player’s everyday basis.
MOTIVATION: Stimulating environment where they learn through practice and trial and error.
EXPERIENCE through gaming makes the player achieve a better COMPREHENSION increasing its IMPLICATION.
Multiplayer mode allows to develop COMPETITIVENESS and COLLABORATION. Players can learn from its playmates and improve their own skills and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.
Playset rewards endurance and through overcoming challenges raises SELF ESTEEM.

You can access the 15 units of Pocoyo Playset either by a monthly or annual subscription. But you can also try the Community Helpers unit for free.

Pocoyo PlaySet Learning user reviews :

Initially we were paying for the game thinking, of course, that there was a recurring charge because content would continue to be added. As of today this app has had nothing done to it since 2017; but they still want to charge a recurring fee for an app that will never have anything else added to it. It seems they’re hoping people have just forgotten about it and will continue not to notice the charge; but Google Play needs to monitor apps that have ongoing charges with no app updates.

Not good I played but when I clicked on a game of it nothing came and my tab was glichy not good so I thought it had to pay but nothing so plz fix this BIG bug ughhhhh I-Im s-scard of-f-f b-b-bug

Not working. The game interface is shifted outside the mobile screen.

I love pocoyo playset its funny so i love Zinkia company

2 star because I don’t use this app anymore

This game is ok. Why you hate it

I started the monthly subscription, downloaded about half of the apps and now when I tap on the app, it just goes to a white screen. My Toddler was so excited and now he’s crushed… Update – After restarting the tablet since everything started acting messed up along with the app shortly after downloading, I tapped on the app and found everything no longer downloaded and the app telling me that I needed to pay or try for free. Yet Zinkia had definitely pulled out the money for the monthly subscription. What a shady company! I can’t find a number for customer service anywhere and I have no way of telling if this will continue to take money from me every month since, according to the app, I don’t have a subscription! I’m hoping this is an awful glitch and it can be fixed, but I will be disputing this with my bank soon if not and I would advise any parent to be wary downloading this!

I love this game so much ps I love pocoyo games

God sake can you remove that uninstall button from there? It is so easy for my kid to hit uninstall. Or can you please make some parent lock to access that uninstall button!!!

  • Hi Ravi, please update to our latest version. Thanks.

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