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[Game] A Day with Caillou

A Day with CaillouWould you like to spend a whole day with Caillou? Now you can join Caillou in this fun and fantastic adventure.

Good morning, Caillou! It’s time to get up; we have a lot to do! Help Caillou to get ready and prepare breakfast. Walk with him to school, where all sorts of activities await you. Learning is fun!
Free time! Play with Caillou and his friends in the park and then walk home with him. It’s late and it’s time for a bath! Help Caillou in his daily routine, and don’t forget to feed the pet! And for you, how about making a pizza for dinner?

Ah!! Completing each task has a prize. Every time you finish a game or activity you will win a new Caillou puzzle.
Play a game of Snakes and Ladders with your friends and family. Roll the dice and move forward by solving the minigames found on the 25 squares on the board. Awesome!


A day with Caillou is divided in four day segments that you can spend with Caillou.

Sunrise: Learn the time, get Caillou ready, prepare his breakfast, brush his teeth, and walk him to school. Ideal games to learn about eating habits, hygiene, and safety.
Morning: In school you will get to practice maths, spelling, languages, music, nature, perception, memory, and space, with eleven different games.
Afternoon: Time to go to the park! Here you can play sports like hockey, basketball or soccer. You can also chase mice, tidy up and recycle, or go shopping.
Evening: Back home after a long day. Help Caillou take a bath before organizing his room, making pizza for dinner, feeding the fish, and going to bed.
In addition to these activities you can do puzzles, play a game of Snakes and Ladders, or have fun drawing pictures.
Snakes and Ladders board game: Roll the dice and good luck beating your friends to the finish! Complete the game by solving all the minigames.
Puzzles: Each time you complete a game you will win a new Caillou puzzle. There are over 30 different puzzles to complete.
Paint, color, and create your own drawings with Caillou pictures and stickers. When you finish you can save or send your images.

General characteristics:
Interactive educational learning game for children ages 3 to 6.
All activities include instructions and visual aids.
Kids are encouraged to learn through a reward system with puzzles.
Promotes independent learning.
App authorised and endorsed by specialists in early childhood education.
Parental control.
Available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, and Portuguese.

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A Day with Caillou user reviews :

Not a bad game I only played just a little bit. You only get one free game though, the rest you have to purchase. Speaking of Caillou, Caillou is not that bad of a character and doesn’t deserve all this hate! Yeah he’s thrown a temper tantrum when his parents refused to take him to the circus and yeah he pinched Rosie but he’s a changed kid and did some very good things in later episodes like call out two other characters for making fun of him and his classmates! I like Caillou, he’s not bad!

really annoying that the quit button and the back arrow are in the upper right corner, where kids put their hands to hold the mobile. consequently, it registers touch and quits about twice a minute. also, there is no multitouch support either. all these stupid little things make it a nightmare to play this with little kids.

  • Gracias por tu valoración. Lamentamos que no te guste nuestra App y si tiene algún problema en el funcionamiento puede contactar con nosotros por correo electrónico support[at]taptaptales.com y le ayudaremos a solucionarlo. Gracias

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