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Color Page ASMREverybody loves coloring, and now you can draw and color away to your heart’s content with this fun, easy and relaxing art game that’s just like an endless coloring book right on your device.

Complete hundreds of beautiful pictures, hone your art skills and soothe your stress with this bright, creative game that’s endlessly satisfying and relaxing for players of all ages. Download Color Page now and quench all your coloring cravings.


Every picture tells a story: There are hundreds of different beautiful images for drawing and painting in the game, including animals and birds, fruit and vegetables, toys and school, science and nature, work and vacations, and much more. Each image is beautifully designed with simple lines and a vibrant color scheme to soothe your eyes and inspire your creative impulses.

Line and color: First draw the image following the outlines on your screen, then color in the spaces to create the complete picture. The game mechanics ensure that creating paintings is always straightforward and relaxing, and if you mess up you can always start the picture again from the beginning.

Mix and match: There’s a key on your screen to follow for each image in Color Page, but you can also give a free hand to your creative side and choose whatever colors you want to create the picture that you find most attractive and interesting. Want a green flamingo or a yellow strawberry? It’s entirely up to you.

Unlock your inner artist: Carefully designed images with simple lines are fun and satisfying to complete on your screen, but then you can also use them as templates to recreate the art on paper, improving your drawing and painting skills in the process. It’s a great way to start learning how to draw and create pictures.

Paint your stress away: Color Page is a fantastic anti-stress tool that can literally help you to relax in seconds with its clean images, bright colors, and endless variety. Drop into the game anytime to soothe your nerves with therapeutic drawing and coloring.

If you want to improve your art skills, learn to draw hundreds of different pictures, or just experience the simple joy of coloring anytime and anywhere, then Color Page is the game that you’ve been looking for. Relax and enjoy all the fun of coloring and drawing without any mess or expensive materials, right on your device. Get this charming virtual coloring book on your device right now and dive into hours of absorbing and inspiring artistic fun.

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Color Page ASMR user reviews :

It is fun, but the quality is not. There are WAY to many ads. I’m not over thinking it. I had to stop playing it because there was this one ad that I had to rotate my device, but I’m on a chromebook, so I CAN’T. The ads aren’t even in betweeen levels. It’s in the middle of it. There are like 3 ads during every level. It SUCKS. I really hope the owners of this game do some updates sooner then later.

Simple and relaxing, I use it with no sound as my partner is trying to sleep. It relaxes me at bed time and is exactly what I have been looking for. It gives me just enough perfectionism with knowing how long to hold the screen to draw the item and the freedom to color in the picture without going outside the lines. (Downside I can see, there are only a few colors to a page, but that also adds to the zen of not being overwhelmed with choices)

It’s an amazing game. Very satisfying, fun and entertaining. I can play it for a little while but I do get bored at some point. Amazing colors, I like to make it look ugly, lol. You can use what colors you want and there are great designs. About ads, honestly there not that constant which is great. More gameplay than ads. Also good for all ages. 4/5, great game!

I love this app! It’s great for calming and relaxing. Otherwise, there a lot of ads after a level that makes the game seem not as exciting as the beginning was..But it is still very fun, thankfully there are no ads without internet. I dont understand why people are saying “it’s only a tapping game” beause I get to draw like in real life.. I do suggest this game for artists and people who find it nice! Not for complainers about ads..

This is a preatty good game, i remember when coloring all you had to do was tap-n-hold the screen im very simple so i liked that, its changed now and that not a bad thing, you get to do it yourself, i wish there was a way to change it in the settings for simpletons like me who just wana hold it, also for the adds just turn off your wifi, other than that awsome would recimend

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