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[Game] Police Patrol Simulator

Police Patrol Simulator  The situation is out of control. Reckless drivers have taken over the streets. Join the force and help to restore order, progress through the ranks, and become the ultimate law keeper.

There are a lot of different cars to unlock, which can be customized and patrolled around in, each with different handling and characteristics.

Your playground is a beautiful, large open world, without loading screens or limits.
The game has a lot of options in the settings menu, to make the game feel just right for your device.

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Police Patrol Simulator user reviews :

This game is cool the graphics are pretty good but the NPCs just stop very fast but yeah pretty good game but not good enough for 5 stars.

it’s alright, but the controls are just a little wonky, and sometimes when pulling someone over from a bunch of cars it stops the wrong person. still gonna rate 5 stars because i enjoy the game.

Very good game but the controls kill the vibe. I see that other people have this problem as well, adding the possibility to customis controls and their sensitivity would improve the game a lot.

The game is awesome. But the car price is a little bit too high and the fines are too low price (my opinion) , otherwise the game is very good

Really love this game. But a Multiplayer Mode will be so much fun and a big UPDATE! 5 Stars, anyway

My only problem is there should be an option to choose your sirens, have an undercover lights instead the cars, and have rear window lights too. Add some more cars and trucks and SUVs as well maybe even a jeep and maybe some military vehicles. Also maybe add to the map like a desert or army base something new to it as well. Multiplayer would be fun too. Other people driving around pulling over the AIs and such. And lastly weather as well such as rain and hail and snow and fog too. Great game

This game is amazing here are some things I think can be added 1) I think you should put more action like shoot out with some of the suspects 2) I think people should be walking on the streets 3) put more officers on the streets 4) If someone don’t pullover properly make it add a radio that you can talk to them please look in to these 4 things and make some improvement

It’s almost impossible to pull over oncoming vehicles because they despawn immediately after they pass you. They also can’t be stopped by blocking their way, because they stop and than rams into you to “pull over”, because the game doesn’t take into consideration where the police car is located in relation to the car, so it always thinks you’re behind the car you want to stop.

This is a great game. I like especially how the vehicle breaks down over crashes, visually. What I would change is brightening the headlights as well as making the night last a bit longer, as it isn’t nearly as long as the day (though you can play night only mode if you wish). All in all, very good game, I hope it keeps getting updated as it is one of those rare games that aren’t shoving ads in your face everyone 30 seconds and it has actual fun gameplay.

A very nice game. But please add a feature that we can add more sirens to our car. Traffic AI needs improvement. Make this game like – “Police Simulator : Patrol Officers” please add more cars. Like Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban, Mercedes G-Class, etc. And, we collect money only through milestones. Please add in-game monthly / weekly Salary. And, please add a feature that we can add / remove more sirens to our car. And please fix the driving physics. Good game

This is one of the best police simulator that exists in the market for mobile gaming. One of the things that I would love to see in future updates is the fact availability of have slick top car with interior lighting. Also it would be great to have different stages of lighting. Keep up the good work!!

It’s fun, but even the slightest touch from anything the car breaks, and make the Vicky faster, but please do something about the durability of cars and the durability with a push bar, a push bar prevents damage or at least suppose to, and if you could change the siren, and more paint styles, realistic paint styles, also some pursuit callouts, like high speed pursuit callouts because the pursuits dont last long, and realistic police wheels and more real police cars and more that could be done

This is the best police game I’ve ever played on mobile no problems at all just a few requests 1. Make it easier to make money because it’s kinda hard you gotta grind it. 2. Add in more police cars and more models old and modern. 3. Make the cornrows for when you get out of the car better there kinda difficult to use. 4. Add more criminals like robbers and other criminals. 5. Add guns and other equipment to make it more realistic. Overall it’s a good game and just pls add those in thank you

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