Polyforge – Forge new shapes by striking all the sides

[Game] Polyforge

PolyforgeForge amazing crystals in a symphony of shapes, sound and color

Forge new shapes by striking all the sides
Don’t strike the same side twice
Simple & Beautiful visuals
Atmospheric & Serene sound design
Compete for the highest level in the world

Polyforge user reviews :

There is a lag between when you tap the screen and when you light up a surface, and it makes the game quite annoying. It sometimes also randomly decides to shoot three arrows at once which insta-kills you, which is REALLY annoying. The graphics are nice though. This was a game that I had a while ago, and I was excited for the nostalgic gameplay, but these problems make it a chore to play and I’m disappointed because I used to love this game.

It’s a nice game but it’s more stressed inducing than it is stress relieving. When you get a wrong note it is horrible and when you are attempting to hit a small note it’s an adrenaline rush. Although the simplistic and beautiful graphics perfectly compliments the phenomenal harp sounds in this amazing immersive experience when an ad plays you will be scared out of your mind because they occasionally will blare an ad with little to no warning but at very reasonable intervals. All in all, good.

very fun game, addicting and relaxing. one thing is that it does lag quite easily. I’m at lvl 520 right now and it starts lagging once I watch a video and get the glowing extra lives arrow. it’s nearly impossible tbh because I noticed that sometimes (pretty rare) the arrow shoots a very tiny bit later than when I tap which is enough to stop me from going farther in the game. maybe a setting that everyone can change that makes particles/glow/…(just looks) go away would be a good thing to try to make.

Very soothing game, I love the simplicity and elegance. Calming music and the game itself is very straightforward. Perfect for a quick play in between crazy schedules! I’ve loved it since I installed it on my old, old phone. Now- new phone, same game

Although a great concept and the sound relaxing becomes very boring. And the sound while relaxing when correct. The flat note when wrong just seems out of place. Has potential for a great meditation game but not fully developed.

Nice graphics and sound, but I think as a ‘relaxing’ game it should have a mode that doesn’t start you over on the shape. A mode where you can’t lose, that is.

Overall nice game. In S9 I can’t terminate the app properly. I thought the rectangle with the arrow pointing to the top was the exit button, but clicking on it shows the «open this action with» and all my apps are shown.

Loved this game, finally uninstalling because I’ve been stuck on Level 430 for three weeks and never get offered a second chance. Would love to know why it just stopped offering that. It used to be relaxing, now it just makes me angry everytime I fail the same level for the millionth time.

This game is very calming, and the graphics are beautiful. I love the sound it makes when you tap, and the gameplay is very fun, especially with the endless mode. Overall one of my favorite apps

i love it. it is very relaxing and time seems to fly when i play it. i remember i used to play this years ago but my dumbass uninstalled it once i rememberd about this game recently, i had a hard time remembering the name but thank goodness i found it! the music never fails to bring me peace. im obsessed

Graphics are beautiful. Im hoping in higher stages, method of completing images changes a kittle. Definitely addictive!!!

One of the coolest game! It’s really beautiful for eyes and awesome for ears, relaxing, but at the same time quite nervous

Still loving this game app but I tried at least three times of getting on the app to have it foreclose on me when it tryna sign my Google Play Account in which fails miserably. So please fix this issue for me, and everyone else who is having the same problem with the app as I am. Well I’ll be uninstalling this app since the issue wasn’t fixed plus I was growing a little bit bored of it, but I’ll download it again later.

love it! only thing I don’t like is that I can’t choose the color. some color combinations are harder to see and I have to wait them out. very calming though, I play it often.

A refreshing challenge & melodic way to pass the time. It’s like a rhythm game but not in the way you would expect it to be.

Visually beautiful. The audio is wonderful. Over all very calming. I had to delete it though bc I got too frustrated, but that’s on me, not the game.

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