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PredictWindAccurate weather forecasts and powerful tools save you time, keep you safe and ensure you get the most out of every day on the water.

Access all of the world’s top ranking forecast models for reliable and accurate weather data, including ECMWF, SPIRE, UKMO, GFS and more. Our very own PWG & PWE models offer incredible accuracy and a record-breaking 1km resolution.

View high resolution maps for wind, gust, CAPE, wave, rain, cloud, pressure, air temperature, sea temperature, ocean data and solunar.

In additional to forecasts, PredictWind also provides a suite of powerful marine tools to save you time and keep you safe at sea.

Weather Routing takes your start and end points then calculates your route factoring in tides, currents, wind and wave data, depth and your boats unique dimensions to give you the best route for comfort or speed.

Departure Planning quickly summarises the weather conditions you’ll encounter along your route if leaving on day 1, 2, 3, or 4. Use this data to select the perfect departure date, every time.


Daily Briefing: Powerful weather data condensed into a simple text forecast.
Maps: High resolution forecasts maps with animated streamlines, wind barbs or arrows.
Tables: The ultimate dashboard for detailed analysis.
Graphs: Compare multiple forecasts at the same time.
Live Observations and Webcams: Know what’s happening right now at your local spot.
Local Knowledge: Hear about the best spots, amenities and activities at your destination.
Weather Alerts: Set your preferences then get alerts when conditions are just the way you like them.
Ocean Data: See what’s happening under the waves with ocean and tidal currents, and sea temperature.
GPS Tracking: Get a free customised GPS tracking page for your blog or website.
AIS Data: View over 280,000 vessels worldwide on the AIS network.

PredictWind user reviews :

The application works great. The prediction models are hit and miss on accuracy, but thats not a functional error of the software. I just wish there was a way to overlay multiple prediction models as a default setting. There’s too much time wasted flipping back and forth to compare possibilities. But it is still a good app, so I rounded up.

One of the most accurate forecasts I’ve used. From Cabo to San Francisco’s bay, their models have been the best. The advanced features are really great, but too expensive for my blood. Also the phone app is clumsy to navigate especially when changing between wind, waves gusts, etc. Its also pretty slow, even with decent internet.

Content is excellent but the app hangs all the time for me. I report every app hang with repro instructions but it just never seems to get fixed. If I had to guess, it looks like IO is being done on the UI thread and blocks the UI (no panning, no redraws if you switch orientation, etc…) until it’s done. Again, content is excellent but the app quality is well below the bar for the competition.

  • Hi Scott, I am pleased to report that the locking-up issue has been fixed. Please update the PredictWind App to the latest version, also make sure you have the latest Google Chrome App installed as this will greatly improve your chances of fixing the issue. Please let me know how the update goes for you. I would appreciate your feedback.

My favorite wind / sailing / ocean app. Works well, quickly and no crappy ads or interrupting pop ups. I keep the free version, my husband has the paid version to download weather when we are under sail. I check it every morning and I like the mixed model it seems to be fairly accurate. I really like being able to see a large radar area to see where the weather is originating from. I Would recommend for anyone doing any kind of ocean sports or activities or just interested in the ocean.

There is just so much detail even in the “Basic” tier. I don’t have a boat – I was just looking for something to use on a cruise ship. However, I had a free week using the “Professional” tier and was amazed at how much information was available. I should think it would be invaluable to boat owners. Support is very quick and very helpful, too. (I was looking for a replacement for Accuweather. instead of putting the price up, frigged the app to force an upgrade!)

Great app… But… A few anointing things… 1- the arrows to view the times on the map are too small and it’s easy too click elsewhere or move to the end or lose the info pop-up. Make them buttons better… Whoever made this app surely never sailed in rough seas. 2- make the app remember the last update for offline use… While sailing costal or offshore we lose internet often for hours at the time and can’t review the last forcast. This also would save data and load on your server…

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