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ProsperMeet Prosper – not just another day planner app but a revolutionary tool that reshapes how you organize your life. Breeze through your day with a smartly designed timeline that maximizes productivity and eliminates the guesswork!


Adaptive Timeline: Say goodbye to unnecessary blank spaces. Prosper’s unique time-scaled design ensures that every minute counts. Every task fits snugly on your timeline, ensuring you see a full, uninterrupted view of your day.

Intuitive Drag-and-Reschedule: Found a change in plans? No problem! Simply drag and drop tasks to reschedule. Whether you’re stretching or squeezing, Prosper recalculates times seamlessly.

Quick Task Creation: Time is of the essence! Craft your to-dos with just a few taps, and watch them slot perfectly into your day.

Calendar Integration: Never toggle between apps again! Import your calendar events directly into Prosper. Your events, to-dos, and plans, all under one roof!

Detailed Tasking: Need more depth? Add subtasks, notes, and reminders. Prosper ensures that every detail is just a glance away.

Homescreen Widgets: Access your plans directly from your homescreen. A quick peek, and you’re set for the day!


With Prosper, we’ve taken the essence of day planning and fused it with intuitive design and user experience. It’s more than just a to-do app; it’s a promise to yourself to make every day prosperous!

Join the thousands who’ve transformed their daily grind into a symphony of productivity. Download Prosper and watch your days shine!

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Prosper user reviews :

I use it to time block my days. The easiness of creating a new block and the way the timeline is displayed, both in the app and widget, are what makes the difference for me. The completions and the statistics don’t really matter, the way you can define the ‘tasks’ is not granular enough for them to be useful. What I really really miss is the possibility to save tasks, that would make time blocking my days much faster. I’m still giving the premium a go but this is almost a turn off.

My experience with this has been excellent so far. Now I can block time for a larger project in my Calendar app and detail the stages in the Prosper app. Its great that I can add detailed notes and subtasks. I don’t link my calendar as, for me, that can lead to confusion and lack of focus. I check my calendar in the morning and then detail with Prosper. I think I will invest in the lifetime version after this 1st month of premium elapses.

I really like this app. Trialling premium for a month. If I like it will get lifetime. Found is useful so far and works interchangeably with my iPad and iPhone as well as my Pixel using same account. One payment for all devices. Widgets are useful. Only request is that they put sound notifications into app for the ability to hear the reminders. Otherwise app is just about perfect.

Useful & has potential. I’ve been using Propser for almost a week and have been enjoying it so far. I do think a few key tweaks/features are missing: 1. The app does not auto-scroll to the present time of day. 2. When scheduling a new task, I’d like the option of adding a task from my inbox. 3. The ability to send a scheduled task to my inbox for scheduling later. 4. The ability to select and move multiple tasks at a time along the timeline. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Awesome looking scheduler and has major potential. But there are some noticeable issues: I’m not seeing any ability to search. No way to organize tasks. Also, no web version which is a bummer. Two-way calendar sync would take this app to another level. I will definitely keep an eye on this and most likely go with the premium version down the road. I really hope the developer continues expanding on this because it’s off to a great start!

Love, love, love the app. This app has changed the way that I visualize my time during the day and it’s been fantastic to use. The only complaint I have is the way the app shows items that overlap other items. If you’re trying to schedule something at the same time as something else, such as a lunch during a work day, there needs to be a better way to represent it. Having the item fall below the other item with an “overlapping” tag is confusing and hard to look at. Otherwise, love everything!

I think this is really nice in a lot of ways, but I wish you could set default colors for task types without having to add an extra step every time something is in a category (e.g. I want home tasks green, work tasks orange). I also just moved some stuff from my inbox and they just…disappeared and wouldn’t slot into times I set. I won’t be renewing but it has a lot of potential.

Great, simple app for daily planning. I love the calendar integration. I think it could benefit from differentiating tasks from events or blocked off bits of the day. Not all things on my calendar are tasks to be ticked off, and it’ll be nice to set a sleep-time so that it doesn’t look like I have 8 free hours a day to do stuff. Minor criticism, but would make it perfect for me

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