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[Game] Psychic Idle

Psychic Idle Grow a character and defeat monster through growth and research system!

Grow a character and try cooperation content with combination of psychic powers and equipped effects!

Game features

Available to grow and research through materials obtained by auto hunting system.
Enlightenment and quantum jump are available with materials obtained from dungeon.
Customize growth system through ability, special ability and more.
Summon equipment through jewel to merge and equip it.
Upgrade ability through nano machine and set effect of equipment by grade.
Decorate a character with 300 types of various costumes.
Cooperate with other users through multi content.
Build a community by interacting with other users in town.

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Psychic Idle user reviews :

I really enjoy this game, however at the beginning stages I was overwhelmed by the OP gear I kept getting and the upgrades I could make, but once I got to 2-20 or so the progress curve really started to slow down, with fewer and fewer new things. Overall a great game, just wish you’d flatten the learning curve a bit (and add better attack animations and skills) good luck devs! Your game has great potential

  • Hello! This is Psychic Idle Thank you for your precious comment! We’ll send it to the department in charge and do our best to improve the game. Thank you very much for your valuable comments.

Game is rlly fun but it gets repetitive. Since this game is still in its early development im sure there will be more interesting contents coming up. If you dont mind me giving suggestions, it will be great if there is a story mode that players can play on the side. With more intricate lvl designs and varied enemies as well as a plot. Since this game has a huge power spike, maybe the story mode lvls difficulty should be high. Just throwing my preference and suggestion out there. Great work tho!!

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. We’ll send your advice to the department in charge and make better game. If you have any inquiry, please report to the Customer Service below. Thank you

Good game. Having fun so far. Only issue is the UI can be a bit sloppy, for my taste, at least. Otherwise everything offered in game is a fair price, and the rewards and mission are great to keep you wanting more. 5/5. Hope to see more improvements in the future.

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. We will do our best to provide a service that all users can be satisfied with! We ask for your continued interest and love in the future. thank you

Seems like a pretty fun game! However, because the tutorial makes you follow it at certain points, I accidentally summoned a headgear instead of a smartphone, and now because it needs me to equip the smartphone that I didn’t summon… I basically am locked out of the game altogether… A real shame because it seems like a pretty neat game!

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. I think you must have felt a lot of regrets as much as your love and interest were great. The tutorial guide you mentioned will be forwarded to the department in charge so that it can be improved. We will do our best to provide a better gaming environment by engraving your comments deeply into our hearts.

Good game. I like the graphics not overwhelming. Good mechanics you can progress without spending any money. Im just hoping that the devs dont turn this to paywall and release more event that benefits the free player. Overall good experience. Suggestion: Pet that have own level and skill. That would be a great update.

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. Thank you for your precious comment! ~ෆ We’ll send it to the department in charge and do our best to improve the game. Thank you very much for your valuable comments.

I really hate it that we lose whats been written if the play store app switches to something else even for second. But the fact it does says the app dumps used RAM very efficiently. This game shifted to Auto mode from the beginning until it had accumilated ecnough XP/HP that i was ab o e to blow away a dozen enemys with one hit. Its a strange game. And it reminds me of playing Nintendo, Adventures of Zelda because of its 8bit graphics and level looks and layout.

  • Hello! This is Psychic Idle I can feel your disappointment through the review. I feel heavy because I don’t think I’ve given you as much satisfaction as you want. However, next time, we will try to provide more improved service and enjoyment through valuable reviews that you have left to receive more positive reviews!

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