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[Game] Idle Vampire – Twilight School

Idle VampireRule the darkness with brightly dreaming, Twilight School rises to transform ordinary individuals into the mightiest vampires.

In this casual game, by constructing your vampire school, you can not only making your students super talented, but also earn substantial wealth by nurturing them. With these earnings, you can expand and strengthen your school, ultimately establishing it across different continents.

To be a headmaster, you can set various courses, run a bar to enrich students’ lives, decorate your academy pretty, battle with hunters, drive away werewolves, and stand your ground against the Holy Light. There are even more adventures waiting for you to explore…
The most important thing is to help your students advance to become stronger.

As your school grows, you’ll add more classrooms, teach various subjects, and enroll more students. The best part is, your school will keep running even when you’re not playing, allowing you to continue earning cash offline!

Idle Vampire sets itself apart from other games by combining simulators, puzzles, and idle elements. With different gameplay experiences, you’ll unlock diverse ways to manage your school. The portrait mode ensures you can play wherever you are.

Transform into Vampires
Twilight school gives normal people a chance to become the strongest vampire

Easy to Earn Money
It’s simple to own gold and cash as long as your school is open, even when you are offline…To be a tycoon is not a dream.

Different Play Method
Each school will have different ways to earn money. You can choose to get profits from bar, shops or other ways…

Freely Decorate
Classroom decorations, dormitory beds, Room plants… Let’s choose the most suitable decorations for our school!

Various Courses
Mind Reading, Backtracking, Backwing…There will be a class that your students like.

Stylish Teachers
Beauty teacher Amelia, elegance teacher Kalisle, Wise teacher Luiz…Choose the right one for your vampires

Never Stop Advance
Middle, Senior, Superior vampire, each level-up will make your school stronger.

If you are interested in wolves, or fantasy stories, you can’t miss this game. Start now beginning your school with the profited idle income to do a makeover project and expand classrooms. This casual game awaits you to shine the glory of our Vampires!

Idle Vampire user reviews :

I like this game, it’s cute, but my main complaint is with the match three. Specifically this one level I’m stuck on. Level 36, usually in other match threes, your goal is to get all the slime blocks off. Not to get a specific number of slimes. Having to get rid of 28 when you start with only 10, meaning while you have to get rid of the rose bushes, you have to let the slimes multiply, but they don’t multiply when you break one. The difficulty of the minigame spiked to nearly impossible.

So far, I like this game, enough to pay to remove the adverts. Even those though, were all optional, no pop up ads, and all ads have rewards. The match 3 puzzles are insanely difficult, unless you pay for extra turns. (Edit, the match 3 is no longer a requirementto move to the next level). Hopefully I finish them soon, because my school is all maxed out.

Currently only 2 chapters but really enjoyable experience so far. I’m looking forward to the next expansion. Art style is cute, vampires upgrade through progressing and it’s cool to see what they end up like. I like the match 3 game too, it’s challenging but I’ve got past level 46 so far no problem and its not something that locks you out of progressing. Very good

I really like it – art style, idle game play, etc. 2 things: ever since the update, my shops and vending machines don’t allow me to collect income anymore which is frustrating and 2, i really wish there was more transparency of how new this game is, I bought the ad-free only to basically complete map 2 and find out there’s no more chapters. was super bummed- but hope they fix the income bugs soon and release more maps.

Loved the game, so much so that I bought the ad stop package. Then, as I was playing the match 3 game, I had to step away and deal with things happening IRL. Turned off the screen of my phone, and since then I have been unable to play the game. Every time it hangs on the first load screen, with the load bar sitting at max and never completing. So I have now spent money on a game that I am unable to play. I have restarted phone, quit app, restarted in many combinations.

  • We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We are currently working to fix this issue. Please bear with us and thank you for your support of our game!

This game is adorable! I love the music and animations, but after only having it for a few days, the app won’t load. It opens fine, but takes a good 45 seconds to get past the logo screen, and won’t go past the loading screen. I’ve restarted my phone and everything. I love the game, but it just won’t load. One more thing, everything gets very expensive very fast, and it gets pretty hard to keep up with it early on. Update: I had to delete and re download it. I lost all my progress.

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