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[Game] Puchi Puchi Pop

Puchi Puchi PopIt’s Puchi Popping time! Join the Happy Pet family and have loads of fun in Tropica Island!

How to Play: Tap to pop the connecting Happy Pets and get the highest score! The bigger the chain, the more bonus you get! Tap as fast as you can!

Level up your character and activate Fever mode to get higher scores!
Unlock special Puchi and skill up their unique abilities!
Compare scores with your friends in the weekly leaderboard! Winners get prizes!
Offline! No internet connection required for basic gameplay!

Note: This game is free to play but you can choose to purchase in-game items. If you do not wish to do so, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings! You can also choose to earn gems by watching videos.

Puchi Puchi Pop user reviews :

Great game and easy time passer. Won’t let me sign into google play, instead an annoying popup shows every time I go on. I don’t understand how the global leaderboards works… I’ve beaten peoples leaderboard scores so many times I should’ve been in the top 15 but no, I’m never on it. I don’t understand why but please fix this. Other than those two I think this game is awesome. Highly recommended.

The only con about this is that you’re just merely trying to beat your own score. There are no daily/weekly/monthly challenges so it’s a bit boring. In that sense I prefer disney tsum tsum even if it requires wifi

For some reason when I enter the application it goes to sign into my google play account then stops and shows a pop up that says somthing like a client ID?? Idk I didn’t really understand it; also I was once a beta tester is the beta over lol

I love this game. It’s a light game and doesn’t need lots of concentration. A great timepass. 5 stars.

It’s a great game which contains characters from happy pet story and is like / similar to one of the mini games from my talking Tom/2 and my talking Angela

I think I need more for playing the game, it’s sux! no friends for change

Very fun similar to Tsum Tsum but doesn’t take nearly as much storage room.

Such a fun game when you had to wait someone or just bored

6 years ago i started playing this game. It remains my fav. You don’t have to manually link anything, just tap and the match is done! Hence the best to calm anxiety. Clicker game with cute theme, can be offline and with no intrusive ads.

I am having trouble with a pop-up showing up whenever I open the game or try to connect it to Google Games/log in. It tells me that that the application isn’t configured correctly and to check the package name/signing. I took a screen cap of this if you’d like to see it. Another negative is that there are quite a few ads. Because of the negatives I’m having, it stops me from purchasing/supporting the app with the add-ons (which I would do if the problems are fixed). I just don’t trust it, especially with the pop-up issue. I like how it’s like tsum tsum but you only have to click, the characters are also adorable. Also love how you can pick which character you get and when to level/skill up. Another thing I love is that you can work towards boosts and you don’t HAVE to pay for them with each game you play.

I’m starting to love the game and then suddenly it will just kick me out while I’m playing!pls fix it!!!

please continue to update the characters and the game. I love this. makes me feel PRESENT

I’ve seen others that have same issue, at end of play, we are given a chance to add to our score by watching ad, we are given 10 more sec, that’s wonderful but after playing my 1- 12th matchs and watching every ad till the end, it hasn’t Rewarded me with the ten seconds, but instead backs out to the starting page., and if it doesn’t do that it simply crashes and backs out entirely. Great fun, love how it’s cheaper , and a lil faster then Disney’s. Characters are cute.Please fix, and I wil change review.

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