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Racing Clash Club  Racing Clash Club is a multiplayer racing game where high octane cars meet spy gadgetry power-ups!

Steer clear of any danger by following the racing line, respect the brake zones, and use nitro boost timely to leave your opponents eating dust. Play as a saboteur and deploy spike strips, EMP and other tricks to slow down your opponents in the race. Race clean or dirty – the choice is yours! Download for free and start racing now!

Compete in real-time multiplayer

Climb the leaderboards with the fastest lap times

Deploy a wide variety of power-ups and gadgets: EMP, nitrous boost, spike strips, and much more!

Collect & Upgrade Unique Cars

Customize your garage with personalized car designs. Tune the cars to extract every bit of performance: engines, transmissions, bodies, suspensions, brakes.

Express yourself and choose from a wide selection of paints, patterns, and decals. More than 24,500 options are available!

Master each racing style with cars of 3 main classes: drift, handling, and speed.

Choose between 2 mobile-first control options: tilt or virtual buttons. Customize the level of driving assists based on your preferences and skill level!

24 original race tracks featuring both tarmac and dirt surfaces.

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Racing Clash Club user reviews :

A pretty solid racing game. Movement & animation are fairly good but not the best I’ve seen. The optional steering/track/brake assist features help so much that I can watch the car win without touching my ‘phone, at least on the earlier levels, but it’s reasonably challenging without them. Some more tracks would be nice, and so would the option to race against friends.

The game is good, but not involve you, I believe could be good to add some animations at environment and people. There is a weird smoke animation when you start to run that is not good when you see from back at car. I see that the game is a mix of gran turismo and Mario kart, it is a serious game, but at the same time give you peaks in the middle of game.

Hey guys game graphics is good nice cars but I can’t see where I’m going the map is showing but the road is completely dark please fix if there any chance a bug might be in it.

I like this game but I play is lag super lag I don’t know what happened I play it ok but now lag can you fix pls you fix I give you 5 star you not 1,2,3 star

Good game but please remove all other perks except nitro as some people exploit this and the race turns toxic. Otherwise one of the better racing games I’ve played. Good job guys.

Nice game , good graphics but you should add more cars and keep it up.

It is a very nice game the problem is that if you want to tap it doesn’t work

It seems fun but my time on this planet is limited. I don’t need to sit through a forced tutorial on the basics of a generic racing game.

Everything is awesome, but… REQUIRED online, and device heat on the MEDIUM settings ruins everything! You should improve game performance and made offline racing events, this game is too small and nice to require Internet connection!

It’s a nice game…I also recommend to add a practice race track where players can train themselves…u know practice makes racers perfect …a great game…try and find out your self…

Great fun. PvP racer that is easy to pick up and play. Nice graphics and simple controls. Good work Devs.
  • Fun Games For Free
  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!! Racing Clash Club Team

not very energizing, you might wanna put more tracks, make them more complex with shortcuts, ramps, out of bounds etc. ,faster cars as well.

Its great but still needs optimization and improvements still need contents the gameplay? Yes its worth the shot but still optimization thats all. I will defienetly rate this 5 star if its optimize

The game mechanics are very good and all but all the races were too short and the menu lacks some animations.

Good racing game but two problems the trees and the city needs to be more realistic the trees look like there floating
  • Fun Games For Free
  • Appreciate the feedback! Racing Clash Club Team
I cannot see the track all the background is black or blue I cannot race properly because of this problem fix this problem
  • Fun Games For Free
  • Hello, sorry about your experience. Unfortunately, the device is currently not supported by the game. We will look into this issue in the future updates. Thanks for letting us know. Racing Clash Club Team

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