Snowscooter Freestyle Mountain – Do all the tricks you can imagine

[Game] Snowscooter Freestyle Mountain

Snowscooter Freestyle Mountain

Whether you like skating on rails and flyouts, or big ramps and half pipes, this game has it all, completely free!

Do, slides, flips, grabs, and all the other tricks you can imagine, and line them together for combo bonus like the pros!

Ride one of the 4 awesome premade mountain parks, or create your own custom park, with more than 15 different ramps, rails and funboxes, to choose from!

Customize your characters clothes and Scooter!

Earn skill points to level up your characters skills, like jump height, spin speed and more!

On average updated once or twice a month, with new clothing, skateparks, ramps, tricks, bug fixes etc.

The game is developed by independent developer EnJen Games. Follow EnJen Games on, to request new features, report bugs, or get the latest news about new EnJen Games or updates!

Snowscooter Freestyle Mountain user reviews :

I love this game! You can go up the mountain and do like 2500 degree spins and rack up hundreds of points! Overall, I love this game! Have a great day!

this app is amazing and has all the cool scooter tricks you would do on a real snow scooter 10/10

It was fine but doing flat scooter tricks didn’t work for me I couldn’t even do a double tailwhip

It is a very good game it is hard to backflip flat and triple Wip

Great game but too many ads

Pretty good not much to say but there is lags/bugs

Love this game so cool but u cant turn

I am scooter rider and I have to say this is a very good game thanks again!!

It’s so fun! Get this game right now you’re missing out!

Clone of other games but a little different so

Thanks this is a good game

It’s pretty good great time killer and seems like it needs WiFi but it doesn’t. Love this game!

Best game ever and there is lost other games like this and it is called freestyle .just type freestyle games and that is where you find it

Love it but you got some trick names wrong but overall 5stars

Awesome I love to play it when Im bored I’m hood at scooters in real life

This game is a great time killer and is very accurate with the tricks

Very impressed Need Mega ramps for huge Stunts and new scooter parts but still the best games ever by enjen

Its a brillant game all i would say is that some better graphics and not so glitchy

The game is really fun and enjoyable and can be hard and the game may glitch in soate but thats all Ps when your doing tricks

I liked it but the graphics are 4 stars Everything else is 5 stars.

You tilt it to turn or in settings you can put it to buttons you can even jump off the mountain and do like a hundred flips and land

Pretty good but the controls for the like advanced tricks are weird keep making updates I enjoy playing this

These games are amazing but need a lot of work, it’s an amazing concept but it isn’t executed well

I’m so happy I found this game! But please add kickless

Pretty good. Just needs a few different touches like making the area if u move around it’s pretty hard to place something.

Its alright but not the best, i like the bmx game but always glitches out, also they should do a motocross freestyle game

This games is the best ever and I’ve never bean better this game is cool and cool and u can learn more and do as much tricks and if ur leg is Brocken and u like yo scooter then u can play this game.

It is very good because when people play it it will go crazy I mean viral with videos games and other things look up scooters and if you don’t know who Roman Atwood is he is on YouTube say yes and reply to me if you know him in person

I loved this game it is really fin it gets a little hard at first but then you get it its so fun i recommend this game for you

This game is so fun I have the regular version of the game and it is really really fun

This game is amazing but please add a normal skatepark to ride on and also please add kickless and inward and bri and umbrella Thanks

This game is really good but I would like more scooters

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