Railroad Empire – Become a pioneer of railroads in America

[Game] Railroad Empire

Railroad EmpireDive into the thrilling world of railroad empire-building with Railroad Empire, an immersive train simulator mobile game that takes you through the heart of America’s railroad history! Here, you’re not just playing a train game. You’re creating an industrial revolution, step by step!

Become a pioneer of railroads in America
You are the one who will begin the history of American railroads! As a pioneer, you have a unique opportunity to follow the path of well-known railway companies and capture the entire continent by absorbing other companies.

Work with famous personalities
Meet and work with famous American figures! They will tell you about their building ideas and ask you to help deliver resources. Use them to touch the architectural monuments that have shaped the face of America with your hands! It will allow you to better experience the dynamic era of the past, which is rarely seen in train games.

Collect legendary locomotives
Collect a fleet of iconic trains, from one of America’s first steam locomotives to diesel ones! Upgrade them to increase the capacity of your trains, and be sure to add new ones to your collection to keep them all busy on your map.

Develop cities and build factories
Connect cities to create road infrastructure. Provide them with resources such as planks and steel to help cities build farms and factories faster. Developing cities will bring you dollars that you can spend on improving trains. So don’t miss your chance to increase wealth!

Control resources
Produce, manage, and deliver resources to all crucial points on the map! To build your empire, ensure efficient and timely supply across your entire railway network! And if you don’t have enough train drivers — hire them or rent them for a day or even an hour, like in a real train simulator.

Intuitive controls
Despite all of the above, the game is easy to play, and the beautiful environment, detailed map, and train sounds make the gameplay enjoyable and meditative, unlike other train games. Gather resources with one finger, just like in idle tycoon, and start your rail life across America!

Railroad Empire is a perfect blend of strategy game and train simulator. At the same time, this mobile game will delight your senses with its beautiful graphics and attention to detail. It’s a testament to the enduring allure of trains and the railway romance. So why wait? If you like train games, join the ranks of railway tycoons and start building your railroad empire today!

Discord: discord.gg/sxZjwnGA6d

Railroad Empire user reviews :

Similar to trainstation2, but different graphics and seems to be more focused on ‘eras’ than ‘regions’ (this remains to be confirmed though); the graphics are very nice in fact and building the first ‘region’ is very enjoyable. It is just launched, so it needs more content. Displaying job information or factory menus could be improved. Overall it has great potential, without becoming a copy of TS2

  • Hello, thank you so much for your support, we are truly glad you liked the game we made. We hope you will enjoy the upcoming patches with lots of new content.

Review Rewrite. After reaching level 70, I have decided to leave the game. The graphics are amazing, the sound effects are awesome, but it has become repetitive and slow-moving. I have completed two of 15 railroads, and 13 are still in development but, I fear it will be the same thing I have done twice repeated 13 more times. So thank you for a few good months but it’s time to move on.

  • Hi there Ian, thank you so much for feedback! The game is still being developed and we add more new stuff with new patches. We will be waiting for you to come back, since we have so many amazing things to show in near future.

Like the game, but the rewards are disappointing. Cannot get the trains I need to continue the game, keep getting the same lower model trains and also not the right gears to upgrade the higher model trains. Spent the higher keys for better odds, but still get the same trains. I feel that duplicate trains should only be awarded after you’ve received all other trains. Am at a standstill in the game, due to the wrong class of train in the second map, even though I have that train on the first map.

  • Hi there Renche, thank you for your critique. We hope to make the game even better with future patches, and hopefully the rewards in the future will make you happier.

Great graphics, good fun game but still limited in things to do. 2 cities pretty much done and trains that have to run for an hour. not enough to keep me interested. shame looks promising

  • Hey there, thanks for playing. New levels are on the way! We would love to see you in our community, where you can see the latest news and status updates!  www.facebook.com/RailroadEmpireOfficial/ and  discord.gg/Xg2hpash

Really good game. It’s great if you love railways. Very casual, very pretty. I think it’s still largely in development as lots of the game is still unavailable, and there are a few minor bugs, but what is playable is very promising and already quite fun

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