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Random TDRandom TD is an online competitive strategy game, which uses HD modeling.

This game consists of a variety of features with different Defense Towers. Here in Defense Tower you can arrange your troops strategically, gather and create your own unique and exclusive Defense Tower team, face monsters with different styles and skills, use your own Defense Towers and strategies to defeat your opponent and earn a huge amount of rewards.

We have completely reinvented the traditional idea of towers being static, and have made towers into versatile and mobile weapons, along with a unique style of animation. Carefully plan and arrange your army strategically. With the amount of playing modes available and strategies possible in this game, the combinations of game outcomes are simply endless!

This is an all new yet authentic Defense Tower game, everything you thought about a Defense Tower game is here in order to give you a good gaming experience! Battle anytime anywhere! Defense Tower is sure to provide you with a nice and easy gaming experience. Invite your friends to battle together!

Game Features and Mechanics

Dozens of Defense Towers with different abilities all waiting to be unlocked!
Bosses with different skills, which need to be defeated!

Build Defense Towers with different features and stop those monsters from advancing.
Merge identical Defense Towers to evolve them into an even better Defense Tower.
Although keep in mind when merging, the Defense Tower evolved into will be a random one.
Battle against or side by side with other players from all over around the world.
Store that refreshes daily, here you can more easily obtain powerful Defense Towers, thus making yourself become a more formidable opponent.

#Crazy PVP dual mode

Battle with different players online!
The more monsters you kill of the other side, the more the enemy’s monsters will increase in numbers!
Tactically analyze your opponent’s towers and come up with your own unique strategy to swiftly bring them down!
With your varied group of Defense Towers, create your own unique Defense Tower team.
Climb your way to the top in Point Rankings.

#Cool PVE coop mode

Invite your friends to battle along side one another!
Work together, back each other up and challenge stages together.
Even obtain rewards and unlock new Defense Towers together!

# Random arena mode

Select from a multiple rounds random set of Defense Towers,battle with a combination of strategy and luck, create your own unique Defense Tower team.
Defeat your arena opponents, always strive to be the best and fight for the best rewards!

Random TD user reviews :

Great concept and user interface is very nice. But could seriously use some major changes. Feels like it is set up as a pay-to-win game, while somehow lacking variety of items to buy. It could really use some lower priced items to purchase. As well as an increase in the legendary towers that are granted. From a player perspective, the goal is to acquire legendary towers and build a good combo. Yet it takes way too long to even get a few legendaries. $9.99 per tower is not a good price IMO.

  • Hi, there~Thank you for your feedback. I will feedback to devs about your comment .We will take consider and make adjustment to make the game better

The game is great, kind of heavy on the P2W but still viable without spending. My biggest complaint is that opening the game pauses any music/podcasts I’m listening to, which can get pretty annoying pretty fast.

  • Hi, there~Thank you for your feedback. I will feedback to devs about this .We will take consider and make adjustment to make the game better

This game is fun but once I hit 6000 trophies it has become really hard to win a pvp. The fan is way to freaking powerful. Clearly created to make you pay to play because it does not matter how strong my towers are that fan just over powers. I do the videos for the daily deals and hardly getting legendary until the 20th everytime and then it is always one I already have so again pay to play. I agree with most other reviews I have read that more than 5 co op would be nice.

I have been playing this game for a couple seasons now. Initially, I loved the game. Great strategy opportunities to mix and match. As you progress, however, you find that most of the common and rare cards are absolutely useless. I also find it frustrating how difficult it is to get any dmg dealing legendaries. It is fairly easy to get legendaries but the % drop rate for the good ones is so ridiculously low. The only way you will survive without a really low win percentage is to dump lots of $$.

  • Hi, there~Thank you for your feedback. I will feedback to devs about your comment .We will take consider and make adjustment to make the game better

Awsome game. Would have rated higher if i didnt get the pay to win feeling. Its a awsome and addictive game. Thank you kindly for the response. Yeah its super disappointing playing and facing someone with a full stack of level 14 legendary cards. And the legendary cards are stupid rare unless you pay. Hope to see balance changes.

  • Hi, there~Thank you for your feedback. I will feedback to devs about your comment .We will take consider and make adjustment to make the game better

I love this game sometimes and down right hate it other times but it’s not the game as much as the learning curve lol the reason I gave it 4 stars is the fact that if you want legendary towers sometimes you’re going to have to pay and I’ve never have like pay-to-win games but even when you pay on this game their still isn’t no way of betting it iv3 been playing for over a year I have a pretty good deck but still so much more to go

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