Travel Duck – Exploring the world across time and space

[Game] Travel Duck

Travel Duck

Pack your bags, it’s time to embark on a match 3 puzzle adventure!

Corgi and Duck are best friends who created a time machine. Now, they’re exploring the world across time and space and writing their own story as they go!

Dive into the addictive gameplay of Travel Duck, a cool puzzle game that combines match 3 fun with a time-traveling twist! Match your way through thrilling puzzle levels and watch the colorful items go POOF to win points. Then, build the world around you – literally! Each item you reveal is another detail in the story…you’ll be AMAZED where you end up!

This Match app guarantees endless entertainment, amazing game rewards, fun puzzle challenges and SO much more!

MATCH, MATCH, MATCH! See 3 or more of a kind? It’s a match! Use boosters & power-ups to blast your way to victory even faster.
WIN EPIC REWARDS! They’re your one-way ticket to exciting new levels. Think of them as the “fuel” for your time machine puzzle adventures.
REACH NEW PUZZLE LEVELS! Each one has a brand new story for you to reveal….
COMPETE IN TOURNAMENTS! Hike your way up the leaderboard and compare your score with friends.
SNAP UP SOUVENIRS! Discover deals full of epic, ever-changing surprises!
COMPLETE CARD SETS! Collect memories from each trip, and treasure the rewards even more!
From the bright lights of Hollywood to the Amazon rainforest, there’s TRULY nothing you can’t do and no destination too far! Come twirl pasta in front of the Roman colosseum, play hide and seek at the Egyptian pyramids, or escape from a medieval king and his guards….

Ready to start a new chapter?! Let’s go!

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Travel Duck user reviews :

It’s a nice game, but it could be better. Levels are not challenging at all, even the hard and super hard ones are too easy and can be completed in one try. It’s not a satisfying experience. Sounds effects are delayed sometimes. Animation of level compete is always stuttering. Some buttons get stuck sometimes as well. Feels a bit buggy and the board isn’t smooth enough. But I think my number one problem is that it requires network!! Why?? I could’ve been playing this on the tube!!

  • Thank you for taking the time to rate us. We’re constantly introducing new and fun features and events, and we hope you’ll enjoy them. Our Support Team is available 24/7, and we love getting our players’ feedback so feel free to reach out. You can reach them through game: Menu Settings Support

I’m currently enjoying playing your game. However I seen to have hit a glitch. I’ve just paid £1.89 to get 3 hours play and a few other items but I’ve been stopped by a pop up legends league just 20 minutes in. I need 1 more star to complete the chapter but can’t play another level as it just pops up to tell me to complete the chapter. Is there anything you can do?

  • We’re sorry to hear you had this experience with the game. Our Support Team will be happy to help you with this. You can reach them through game: Menu Settings Support

I love this app, however it seems in the higher levels you need to purchase coins etc. With out extras it seems it can’t be solved with out spending money. That I definitely do not like at all. Nor is it fun replaying the set over and over again!

  • We’re glad to see you’re enjoying Travel Duck and appreciate your feedback. We’ll make sure to take it into consideration as we work to improve the game. Feel free to reach out to our Support Team if you need any further assistance. You can reach them through game: Menu Settings Support

good game but needs more coins when levels are cleared and needs more stars than just one all the time we’ll have to say the game is still good at level 82 but still needs more coins and stars as levels get more difficult

  • Thank you so much for your feedback! We’ll certainly take it into consideration as we continuously enhance Travel Duck.

Love the game . The only problem is that l am past 800 levels, and the two items on the bottom say coming soon what’s coming soon ,l thought a team challenge or giving free lives to other players how long will it be when some games take at least 20 some levels.

I would like to give this game a better review but I’m at level 480 and I’m not able to join a team when it says after level 5 you can join a team so you can get prizes. This game is cool but it’s more for little kids because it’s not challenging at all

Extremely frustrating game! I have been on level 801 for so long, I’ve had unlimited lives for 5 hours in total, countless games consisting of 5 lives. Only 5 lives then have to wait so long for them to refill. I’ve even spent money to get past this stupid level! Started out as a good game but now it will be deleted, shame really

  • Thank you for sharing your valuable review. It’s extremely important to our team that our players have the best experience possible. This is something we’re constantly working on achieving.

Love this game! No annoying ads. Some difficult levels,sure but it’s still fun and it’s a challenge. Love how the dog panics when running low on moves overall best matching game I’ve run across. It’s a keeper.

  • Wow! Thank you for the awesome feedback, malinda. It’s so rewarding to know that players like you are enjoying the game; it’s why we’re here.

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