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RebtelThere’s a reason why more than 5 million customers use Rebtel. Call any number in the world, recharge in minutes, transfer money straight from your Android phone!
5,020 5-star Trust Pilot reviews
5+ million Play Store downloads
100% secure online transactions
FREE app download
International calling app and more
Send mobile recharge to 140+ countries
Rebtel offers the best rates on the market! With no hidden fees, and no hassle.

Rebtel: Connecting you across borders
Online calling, mobile top up and money transfer app
Staying connected in a modern world should be easy, right? But it isn’t, at least when you don’t have the tools to help you do it. How many times have you run out of airtime or data when you needed it the most? Calling people you care about who are far away can be expensive, with time spent worrying about the cost instead of the conversation.

Want to send money home in minutes or make payments across borders? Big spending for little reward makes it hard to do so. Don’t forget the long, bureaucratic processes and string of hidden fees. What if you could take the hassle out of staying connected with an app to send money? Now you can. Need a mobile top up for your loved ones to call whoever they like, whenever they like at the best international rates? Now you can. With Rebtel, you’re always in touch, thanks to true connectivity and low international rates.

How it works
Rebtel is a high-quality, cheap international calling app but it’s also a tool for keeping you connected when you want to purchase a mobile top up online or to send money internationally. Let’s get into the details to find out how you can benefit from the leaders in cross-border mobile connections.

Experience premium-quality international calling
Call any number in the world, landline or mobile.
Get the best quality at the best price.
No internet needed when calling from over 50 countries, using your minutes for local calls!
There is no fixed contract, no cancellation period and a range of offers adapted to meet your needs.

How many times have you searched “call international from cell phone” or “international calling app” hoping to find a good deal but coming up short? No more! Get in touch with your friends, family and colleagues quickly with our international calling app.

Top up when you’re out of airtime
Send airtime or a bundle to your friends and family back home.
You can now send a mobile top up to over 140 countries, and we’re adding more every day!
Send data, credit, minutes and more.
Take advantage of the smooth experience, quick delivery and low, transparent prices.
Rebtel works as a mobile recharge app when you need to top up fast. It’s easy and intuitive to buy minutes or data on the go.

Send money seamlessly
Transfer money to selected countries with Rebtel.
Support your loved ones when they need it most.
Send money without extra fees, competitive exchange rates and quick and safe delivery.
Send it to the bank account, mobile wallet of choice, or pick up cash.
All transfers are safe, and secured by Ria money transfer.
Send money internationally without the hassle of multiple steps. Make Rebtel your go-to mobile money transfer app and you’ll see the benefits.

Spread the word and get rewarded!
Tell a Friend (TAF) – Invite your friends to try Rebtel by sending them the Tell a Friend link you can find in the app, and you’ll both get some free credit added to your accounts to get you started together.

Why choose Rebtel?
Rebtel is an international calling app but it’s also so much more. It offers a convenient way to stay in touch with your friends and family back home. Send a mobile recharge, transfer money seamlessly and experience high-quality calling. Start your download now and get in touch with the world.

Rebtel user reviews :

Call is clear and no interruptions in between which is great! One problem I’ve experienced is the service doesn’t allow me talk all the minutes I paid for. The customer must pay for the minutes the phone keeps ringing, plus this service allows to use only the majority of the remaining minutes. Payment should only be applied for “actual minutes” used.

  • Hi, We are really delighted to read your positive feedback. Thanks for saying that our service is “great” and for giving us a 5-star rating! Continue to enjoy calling with Rebtel!

I used this app for over a decade. It has been the most affordable option for me to keep in touch with my family back in the US while im overseas on humanitarian missions. Lately, I have had issues with updating the mobile numbers associated with my account. I have contacted support over 5 times with no response. I am disappointed with the lack of engagement, especially after I have been such a dedicated customer. Hope they can resolve these issues soon for their remaining customers!

  • Hello Nara, Thanks for being one of our great users, I checked in and found that you indeed emailed us, but you did not provide us with the new number you were referring to, that’s why my colleague wasn’t able to make the proper changes. I have sent a follow-up to your mail, so please respond, so I can help you. Thanks! -Ariel

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