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Royal SortWelcome to Royal Sort, where sorting’s the name and fun’s the game! Drag, match three goods and build your own royal kingdom!

Ad-free and no wifi needed, puzzlers are free to show off their sorting skills!

Your mission is simple: Find the perfect 3-match and merge them to clear the level! Merge the toys, teacups, crowns, goods – anything you see! They’re gone, making room for more. But watch out! Mismatched stuff gets in the way, slowing you down. Think fast, plan ahead, and use cool tricks to clear the board your own way.

Join the world of sorting puzzle games, boredom will never bother you anyways! Cross the board, collect materials to build your kingdom after passing levels, and receive massive boosters to help you achieve new records. You’re able to join and create your clan to support each other and defeat millions of opponents to have your name on the world’s top rank.

Key differences:
Gameplay: Match the three identical stuff, suitable for both sorting master and newbie!
Focus: Shifted from decorating the castle to solving sorting challenges in different castle areas.
Obstacles: Be aware of mismatched goods and the time pressure
Unlockables: Unlocking new castle chambers and sorting challenges with thousands of new items and boosters!
3D Graphics: Stunning 3D worlds that satisfy your artistic soul and gaming experiences.
Area: Build your kingdom, start from the castle to different rooms.
Community: Join clans, invite your friend, family and your other significant to share the fun!
King of the hills: Show them whose name will be placed on top of the world’s leaderboard.

Unlock fancy new rooms in the castle, each with its own sorting surprises. Ready to tackle the colorful chaos?

Download Royal Sort and dive into a sorting adventure fit for a master!

Customer Service: pawnspiritgame[at]

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Royal Sort user reviews :

Addicting but frustrating .As your skill increases so should the satisfaction of passing levels, but it leaves you without that satisfaction. The Level of difficulty does not match up with the time alloted. When you do pass the level it’s mostly due to “cheats” or “boosters” not skill, therefore not satisfying. It’s designed that way to get you to either pay for boosters or watch ads.

So fat so good. Pleasently surprised at no adds just yet but then I’m only on level 7.. Atm.. Highly addictive, don’t mind the timer, although I have no doubt it’s going to get alot more complicated and challenging.. I’ll update later if that’s the case. Nice graphs, pleasent tune

I. Have to say this is gonna be one of the best games. Brain teasers of all time, man. I just love it. It’s so much fun. It’s timed you got a lot of thinking to do and organizing to do and you gotta do it in the time alotted clock is tickingand you gotta make it man cause if you don’t make it, you’re out of there cut you out so it’s awesome. Gotta try it. I love it. I’m going back to play man.I can’t stop. All in all the graphics are good awesome.Another great-job guys.Another great game

I just started playing this game, and it is fun! I will play a game until it gets too difficult or too many adds. I don’t mind some adds as long as they are not in the middle of a play.

Love this game, just waiting on an update to add more areas to solve . Currently on level 436 and been waiting for an update for some time. Please update soon. I’m in live with this game

It’s a colorful game and looks like it has all of the bells and whistles but it has a timer. Unfortunately timers give me anxiety and I can’t relax.

it keeps me busy and makes my mind work thinking to find the best move to get all done in time before the time ends. I t keeps my mind working as I am getting older.

Great game so far. Honestly, this is the first game that I have ever played that hast thrown me into adds between every level.

I love organizing and sorting my house, so this game fills that orderly side of me. I also like building up places of decor and recreation.

I had really been enjoying playing this game, Royal Sort” until an ad popped up for another game. It was very disturbing to see. I will not play this game or any other game that condones domestic violence. The male figure slapped the female figure. That is not ok with me. The worst part is that it is rated “E” for everyone. I will tell everyone I know what I witnessed and to not play it.

I’m liking this game a lot. So far so good, but let’s see what happens when I get beyond my current level which is level 7. I’ll be back with an update in the near future.

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