Remote Control for Samsung TV

[App] Remote Control for Samsung TV

Remote Control for Samsung TVRemotie is an elegant and functional Samsung Smart TV remote with keyboard and touchpad. User-friendly, customizable, has a wide range of features and splendid design.

Large touchpad makes navigation through menus and content not only more convenient, but also turns your Android into a full-fledged game controller. And with a software keyboard typing becomes incredibly easy and enjoyable

Discover all the advantages of your Samsung device with new Smart TV remote. Watch movies and online videos, communicate with friends on social networks and enjoy games. Remotie will become your reliable assistant and will give full freedom in the world of multimedia entertainment.

Remotie is a really smart remote for your Samsung TV. There is no need to re-connect to the TV if you got distracted by a phone call. Once you decide to continue, the application will automatically restore the connection.

Key features:
Fully functional remote control for Smart TV, Smart BD-ray and Smart Home Theater;
Large touchpad (In-App Purchase);
Keyboard with voice input (In-App Purchase);
Automatic connection to a device;
Wear OS;

Samsung TV Remote is compatible with all Smart TV’s starting from Series F:
Samsung Smart TV F Series (2013)
Samsung Smart TV H Series (2014)
Samsung Smart TV J Series (2015)
Samsung Smart TV K Series (2016)
Samsung Smart TV L, M, N, Q Series (2017)
For old TV models (e.g. Samsung Smart TV series D) please use official Samsung Smart View application.

Text input limitations:
Text input is only available in the Smart Hub apps which support Samsung keyboard. The keyboard will appear on mobile device screen automatically after you activate the input field on your TV/BD-Ray screen. Some services, like Netflix, YouTube and others, have their own keyboards and are not supported by Remotie.

Kraftwerk 9, Inc is not an affiliated entity of Samsung Electronics, and Remotie application is not an official product of Samsung. Kraftwerk 9 shall not be liable for any of your actions and changes made to your Smart TV, Smart BD-ray, Smart Home Theater using this application.

Remote Control for Samsung TV user reviews :

Love this app. I have an older model (2013) Samsung tv and this is the one of the only apps (tried 20) that works with my tv. Free version was great and the paid subscription is reasonable, works on multiple devices and you get the touchpad which is great if you use the internet a lot on your tv like I do. Only things I don’t like are the games (useless) and when using the touchpad (could be bigger) it will switch to one of the other menus if you don’t swipe just right.

I bought this application for the sole purpose of using the keyboard feature (as my remote doesn’t have a full keyboard). Unfortunately the keyboard in this app does not work properly as it send additional, random keys, whenever I’m trying to use it making it impossible for me to use it properly (password, usernames and websites address were incorrect 100% of the time I used it), Even simple text fields are filled with random letters and number at random positions. I’m sorry, but this is not something that anyone can use at all. Thank you.

works well with our smart tv. very fast and responsive. the only thing is. you have to use your actual remote and have the tv on to give the ap permission to access your tv. i wanted to use it in place of the remote. just incase the remote gets lost or loses battery power. so unless I power up the tv with the actual remote this app wont find the tv on its devices.

I have a Samsung TV and hard drive, perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to connect to both as it seems to continuously scan for them or disconnect. When it’s connected it works fine. I don’t always have the remotes to hand, but my phone always is.

Leaving a 5 out of 5 even though this app was not compatible with my tv. Of all the apps that offer remote control for Samsung devices, this is the only one that offered an explanation with the error message. Thanks.

App gets the job done but disconnects after a few minutes so I have to relaunch. Also, the second page doesn’t default to the volume control and channel up/down, which is a bit annoying.

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