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TP-Link TapoThe Tapo app helps you set up the Tapo smart devices within minutes and puts everything you need at the tip of your fingers

Control your smart device from anywhere.
Control the device via voice with Google Home and Amazon Echo.
Preset Away mode to make it seem like someone is home.
Set a countdown timer to automatically turn the device on or off.
Schedule when to turn the device on or off automatically at times.
Invite families to manage the device together.

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TP-Link Tapo user reviews :

Finnaly the dark option, +1 star. It will also help to view the power for all devices, in home screen. There are more to fix: The power graphs are terrible on Y axis. Should have rounded reference values, not random. The energy calendar months, are sorted backwards. Latest month should naturally continue after (below) previous one, not before (above) it. Tapo smart plugs control is completely lost when the internet connection is not available, even if you are on the same local network.

The camera and supporting app are great products. The app can be made much better, though. 1. improve manual navigation of captured video timeline when viewing horizontally in full screen. The current mark is mostly not visible. 2. Missing Option to go to the playback video directly. 3. Multiple camera view is divided in minimum 4 parts. If I have 2 cameras, the other 2 remain empty. so pretty useless feature. 4. Option to filter audio from background noises as per listeners’ needs.

I must admit this is so far the absolutely best app I ever worked with. All the IoT devices are troubleless with quick and responsive setup. I almost instantly expanded my ownership from just sensors to all their devices and there is absolutely nothing to complain about. The whole experience is 10/10. Great app, great hardware programming and very smart design choices in all products. It’s finally a service that helps in saving time and not the opposite.

The app has good features but it can be annoying to turn on or off the cameras, you press the button and sometimes it works or sometimes it doesn’t, the icon might still show the desired function despite it not executing correctly so you always have to double check after a few minutes. It was also a bit tricky to get the cameras set up initially as my wifi had a double set up with 2.4/5 and the cameras wouldn’t connect like that

Really nice. It works well. Installation is very easy. I fixed it myself within ten minutes. I can watch my home thru my mobile from anywhere It takes pics 360 degree and detect any motion immediately. But Pls note these points 1. We need wifi connection to monitor it from out side. UPS for power supply. 2. . Pictures are clear. But if we focus/ zoom it’s not clear. I think it’s better if we select 3mp camera or more. 3. Mic didn’t pickup voice clearly. Should fix sharp mic.

The camera is nice enough, I just wish the detection worked a bit better and zones worked for all activity types. Currently I get notifications whenever my neighbors come and go because I can’t set zones for people detection, only generic motion. Last night the camera kept detecting my car in the carport. It hadn’t moved, but I got a notification every time a bug flew by.

Love the app and fact you don’t need a hub for almost everything in the range, camera connected and has been flawless so far, the pan/tilt and zoom work great. My only minor qualm would be navigating through recordings is a bit hit and miss, a regular scroll bar at the bottom of the video would make things much better in my eyes. Other than that it’s been flawless and I’m hoping to get the LED strips and some bulbs soon too.

I have two cameras in my elderly parents home and since the last update the detection, which was previously excellent, has got worse. It misses far too many activities that it should pick up,or it starts recording some time after someone should have triggered the camera. Concerning for me as I use it to make sure parent hasn’t fallen. Shame, as it’s otherwise excellent.

I’m quite a fan of Tapo, previously I use Amazon Blink cameras, but these are much better quality at a more affordable price. However connections are patchy, one minute the cameras are fine but the smart plugs all disconnect or vice versa. I’m constantly having to unplug and plug in the smart plug, which quite frankly I’m thinking of going back to dumb plugs as they are less cumbersome and just work. Tapo need to focus on reliability to. App works well, and same for CCTV and plug. Thanks.

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