Revenge of the Queen – Get your revenge and take the throne

[Game] Revenge of the Queen

Revenge of the Queen Amazing stories, dangerous palace
You got a chance to relive. Leaving your love behind, you had to watch every step in this dangerous palace and plot quietly and carefully to get your revenge and take the throne.

Fancy clothes, develop your own style
A smile of a beauty makes all ladies shy.
Quaint Tang clothes, featuring cute, luxurious, elegent, sweet, and so forth, enable you to dress up to your heart content. Beautiful faces present the charm of Tang Dynasty before you.

Unlock furniture, enjoy simple life
Grand house homes beauty.
You can decorate every corner of the house the way you like and enjoy simple leisure time at home by doing cleaning and cooking.

Destined lover, perplexed by love and hate
You won the emperor’s heart accidentally but were murdered last life.
Harboring resentment, you entered the palace. You had no intention to fight for the emperor’s attention, but you became closer and closer with them accidentally. Revenge or relationship, which one will you choose?

Diversity of social life, make friends in palace
It’s easy to make friends and engage in social interactions. You can build a guild or join one to start your social life. You can grow stronger and stronger and try to reach supremacy with your friends.

Revenge of the Queen user reviews :

The game itself is fun and all. I haven’t played that much and won’t do it anymore. The fact that the text of the categories when changing outfits is so damn small i can barely see. Make the text either bigger so ppl can see. I have a Samsung S21 and i can barely see. The options given in story, you pick them randomly and some lead to death or demotion? For a dress up game it’s decent.

  • Thank you for your suggestions, I will feedback to the producer, have a nice day

18 days in and enjoying it so far! My server is great, the story is engaging, there’s plenty to do as a F2P, the art is good, and the battle system is much less annoying than in similar games I’ve played. Downsides: there’s a bit of a learning curve and the tutorials aren’t great, so you may need to ask players in the chat for help; otherwise very similar to any other game in the genre.

Love it, just wish the silks to make clothes weren’t so hard to get. Slows down significantly for the better dresses, like all dress up games. I do love the fact that there’s actual combat here, but hate that there are so many pointless ones in the main story. I’ve got a cold. – a fight happens. Aren’t these flowers pretty? – fight. Oh look, it’s the emperor! – another fight.

This game is great! A lot of things to do, activities refresh pretty fast throughout the day, the community isnt large so everyone is pretty much friends or at least know each other on the server. Plus the game has the “reward right decisions” rather than “punish wrong ones” policy. Which means even if you make a mistake, you dont get stuck behind a paywall or feel like giving up because you lost all your resources. And thats huge especially for f2p players. The art is gorgeous too. Recommend

There were 2 games previously that were very similar and I liked them both a lot. This is similar artistry, concept, and layout. I love it. I couldn’t find the other 2 and missed them. Addictive, but the storyline is definitely not kid friendly. Just FYI. Beautiful work.

Honestly one of the best games in this category :) great graphics, outfits are actually really pretty and enjoyable to collect (at least for me lmao), and gaining currency for all the gachas is not bad (outfits, battle units, etc). The community for this game is not super big and thus really nice and friendly! I recommend joining the official discord. If there’s one thing that’s good to know is that the translation is full of spelling and grammar errors, but it’s still easy to understand!

The game is cute and all. I really like it. But it’s quite annoying how much fights there are. I wouldn’t mind them if there was a skip button but there isn’t and I get stuck watching a repedative fight in which I can’t do anything to change the outcome but just watch the game, which is quite boring to me. It also quite annoys me how hard it is to get cloth and tokens for the room upgrade. It would be more fun if that was more avaliable. Farm should be faster too, filterizr shoulf be added too.

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