Cat Jam 3D – Become the ultimate Cat Jam master

[Game] Cat Jam 3D

Cat Jam 3DCat Jam 3D – Are you up to a block match 3 puzzle game?
Looking for a relaxing brain puzzle that’s a perfect combo of block puzzle and match 3 games?

Welcome to Cat Jam: Block Match Game, the most colorful block match puzzle, you’ve ever seen! Make those cute cat blocks run to the stack and match them there!

Immerse yourself in a relaxing yet challenging block matching puzzle game as you match blocks to progress through brainteaser levels. Solve the match 3 color block puzzle levels & become the ultimate Cat Jam master.

Don’t let your tray run out of space.
Tap the cat shaped blocks that aren’t trapped to unblock them. Match 3 colors to clear them all.
If you are a block match 3 puzzle enthusiast, with easy-to-learn mechanics & addictive gameplay, Cat Jam is a perfect match for you.

How to play Cat Jam 3D: Block match game:
Your goal is to free the block cats and clean the board.
Tap to place the untapped block cats.
Match 3 block cats at the same time.
You will win when the board is clear!

Cat Jam 3D: Block Match Game, is the ultimate brain teaser and stress reliever. Solve the block matching puzzle and sharpen your mind while you kick back and relax in a vibrant world of triple match fun.

3D block match jam puzzle feature:
Well-designed brain trainer levels.
Stunning graphics and animation.
Fun powerful boosters.
Play anytime, anywhere.

Download Cat Jam 3D: Block Match Game now and start tapping for endless fun.

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Cat Jam 3D user reviews :

Its a good game, however it lacks background music also its a bit dissapointing when to finally reveal the picture to find it does nothing, dosnt turn to music or cats move. Its a bit of an anticlimax.

Different but enjoying the challenge

Fun addicting game. Cute cats.

Played less than 5 levels and already being pestered for a review

I love this cute puzzle!

I think it’s sooooo fun

I love cats.i hope you can make thousands of levals.

Really neat game!! Enjoy!!

  • We’re delighted you’re having a great time with Cat Jam! Join the little kittens and master the art of solving triple match puzzles. Enjoy!

A cool way to make a cat jam

  • We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying Cat Jam! Keep having a blast with this triple match 3D puzzle.

I love pass lever 59 what next ?

Love it!!

  • Glad you like it! It will be great if you share cat jam game with your friends and let them enjoy

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