RMB Games 1 – Preschool learning has never been so easy and fun

RMB Games 1

RMB Games 1  RMB Games – Knowledge Park 1 redefines toddler games by an impressive showcase of free alphabet, numbers, color learning and shape games. These games are perfect for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 year old kids. Preschool learning has never been so easy and fun!

These free games for kids, include more than 40 funny levels containing over 200 objects to learn and a lot of animals and other funny characters with increasing difficulty in the levels.

Each level is voiced by a native speaker to help the child learn the correct pronunciation of the new words.

Knowledge Park 1’s learning game includes many fun heroes loved by the whole world:
Fluffy Chick
Glamorous Kitty
Cool Panda
Clever Heron
Funny Pig
Friendly Dog
Cute Rabbit

Our free toddler games will help your boys and girls to:
learn numbers
learn how to identify groups of objects and sort them
learn ABC and new words
learn how to make simple words
study the basic colors and shapes
develop new talents, creativity, and motor skills

These are the best educational games for children. Indeed, they love to play them so much!
Millions of kids and mothers around the world have praised our games!

Let’s look at the first theme park in the beautiful city of San Francisco located by the ocean, mountains, and forests, with many museums, sweets, and ice cream.

In the “World of Numbers” mini-game, kids will play 12 exciting educational levels together with funny characters and learn numbers.

Kids will discover many places for interesting learning in our 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 year old kids games:
“Funny Factory Pizza” – choose the ingredients and decide which pizza you want to make
“Foods Heroes” – place orders for hamburgers, chicken, donuts, and treats for your friends
“Funny Number Quiz” – select the correct number in numerical order and quickly counts further

In the “World of Coloring” mini-game, the child will play 12 exciting creative levels together with funny characters to learn colors and do some coloring themselves:
play with their own drawings
save the photo in the gallery or share it with friends

In the “World of Alphabet” mini-game, the child will play 15 exciting educational levels that will easily introduce them to letters, new words together with funny characters and places to visit and compete in:

“Extreme Ski Race” – slide down a steep and beautiful slope, quickly find the correct letter of the alphabet and try to win the race!
“Funny Fishing”, where cute ducks swim with letters in envelopes, from which kids need to make a word and quickly assemble it;
“Magic Beach” – solve several puzzles from cards that depict letters and various fruits, vegetables, animals, insects;
“Interesting Photoshoot” in nature with pets and wild animals.

In the “World of Shapes” mini-game, the child will play 12 exciting levels and will easily get acquainted with colors, shapes, sizes and, together with funny characters, will visit:

“Ice Cream Museum”,
“Candy Museum”,
“Dino Museum”,
“Toys Museum”,
“Funny Smiling Shapes”,
“Space Photoshoot”,
“Funny Running on Mud”

Note how fun preschool learning can be! Babies and toddlers will have lots of fun for a long time without stress and time limit.

We are constantly adding new educational games, which you can find on our website: https://rmbgames.com/

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Start endless fun and education now with our free toddler games ranging from ABC to coloring to shape games & many more!

Thanks to everyone who plays our baby games and appreciates them!
RMB Games

RMB Games 1 user reviews :

RMBGames have many colorful and fun learning puzzles for children, helping them learn how to color, learn and differentiate between different shapes, learn the alphabet including how to read and write the letters and much, much more! It’s a baby games. kindergarten learning games, Your kids will learn the alphabet, new words, and how to write basic vocabulary!

This is a great learning games for kids. My 3 years old baby it’s learning so many things from this awesome game. The way it’s help to teach children’s is great. My baby is always play with this. It teaches thing in an interesting way.games include coloring, memory games and placing animals in their correct habitats.. Highly recommend

It felt pretty good at first experience. The child will be able learning number and to entertain through this games. However, it would be better if the cartoon images were made a little more realistic.

This app is amazing! It has various toddler learning games that are stimulating. My baby sister really likes playing this and she also sing and dance with the music. This is a great way to teach kids at this young age considering their attention pan is short. Overall, the app is smooth and easy to use!

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