Rocket Flip – Cross many unique galaxies

[Game] Rocket Flip

Rocket Flip   Tap to jump

Avoid obstacles
Use items
Discover 10 UNIQUE Galaxies
Collect Tokens and unlock cool Skins
Level Up!
Set a high score and beat all your friends!

You are an astronomer and about to explore space. Try to get the unmanned rocket as far as possible without colliding with celestial bodies.
The rocket follows a rhythm with which it rotates. Tap whenever you want the rocket to move in the direction it is pointed.

Along the way you will come across PowerUps that will make your journey easier. The thrust (purple) boosts your rocket up a bit and gives it invulnerability for a short time.
The shield (orange) gives you a shield for 5 seconds. Pay attention to the sound to know when it expires.
The Synth Boost (red) is a very rarely occurring PowerUp. Collect it whenever you see it.

You will also encounter tokens with your rocket, which you can collect and spend in the store to buy new rockets.

The more you play, the higher your level will go. Reach high levels to unlock new rockets!

On your adventure you will cross many unique galaxies. Can you get your rocket to the Laniakea Supercluster?

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Rocket Flip user reviews :

This is a very good game. Just 2 problem 1. Too many ads, every game you get an ad so maybe decrease it to maybe 2 ads per gameor something. 2. Difficulty, it’s a little too difficult so maybe bring the difficulty down? Pls fix but still amazing game really deserves 5 stars

It is a good game just one request make the rocket turnable with buttons

Really good game. Everything is minimal and clean, controls are really snappy, effects are really good. Amazing work for a single guy game. (Also the art style reminds me of Kurszgesagt.)
  • TappyLabs
  • thanks for the detailed review and compliments :D glad you enjoy it

Its so fun i cant stop playing this game!!

I love this game because it’s really awesome and I really would love it

The game is really nice,it’s fairly tricky to control the ship but I like that,and I absolutely love the artstyle and it’s very very very FUN
  • TappyLabs
  • thank you so much for the kind review

It’s fun and that all I gotta say, very simple.

Very good game it is fun yet challenging also can you make it so the planets don’t collide
  • TappyLabs
  • thanks for your review and idea – with that you mean that the planets shouldn’t overlap? we can look into that but that might result in several planets being very close to each other- kind of forming a wall thats hard to get around if there happen to spawn multiple planets in the same spot

Best game but improve graphics also add some cool animation effects thank you !

This game soo fun and this needs a 5 star review thats all I have to say<3
  • TappyLabs
  • thank you

Latest Update :

Added 8 new skins to celebrate the beginning summer and also created the option to start with a random skin every round.

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