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Room SmashRoom Smash – The Ultimate Casual Sandbox Destruction Physics Simulator!

Unleash Your Destructive Imagination
Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of chaos and mayhem! Room Smash is not just a game; it’s your personal playground for unleashing destruction like never before. Take control of an arsenal of powerful weapons and explore a variety of immersive environments designed for maximum destruction.

Explore Diverse Environments
Transform an ordinary office into a battlefield.
Unleash havoc in a bustling bar.
Shatter pottery in a shop like never before.
Cause chaos in a high-tech space station.
Demolish a block house with explosive precision.
Turn a tranquil train carriage into a war zone.
Ransack a supermarket and leave no aisle standing.
Transform a gym into your personal battleground.

Physics-Powered Destruction
Room Smash harnesses the power of cutting-edge physics simulations to deliver a jaw-dropping, realistic destruction experience. Every object in the game is simulated, allowing you to create mind-boggling chain reactions, and witness the awe-inspiring results of your actions.

An Arsenal of Destruction
Choose from an extensive arsenal of weapons, each with its own unique destructive capabilities:

Machineguns for rapid-fire chaos.
Pistols for precision destruction.
Sniper rifles for long-distance mayhem.
Grenades for explosive impact.
TNT and rockets for massive destruction.
Railguns and black holes for otherworldly chaos.
Mini tornados and earthquakes for natural disaster-like devastation.
Axes, crossbows, machetes, and more for up-close destruction.
Remote control drones for a new level of tactical mayhem.

Are you ready to unleash your inner demolitions expert? Room Smash is your ticket to an unparalleled simulation of destruction and physics-based chaos. Let your destructive imagination run wild and dominate each room with your explosive prowess!

Download Room Smash now and become the ultimate master of destruction!

Room Smash user reviews :

The game is very satisfying, it would be cool if a empty map was added so players could add their own things to the empty map, like the players would be allowed to add dummies, walls etc. More weapons should be added too, an airport map should be added, a sniper mode option, when you enable it and you select a weapon, target mode will look like the sniper target. And more dummy colors should be added. Do it when you have time, very cool game, really satisfying like the other games that you made

This developer has way better games. the best being solar smash. this is entertaining for a bit but gets boring. it has achievements. But no clouds save. I got all the achievements except the T. Rex Mini game. it seems impossible because you just run out of time. it’s not skill based. It’s just when the game decides to put a clock down.

Very good but the only ONLY ! Thing was that it might sound crazy but if u can make it so that you can control the Ragdolls where to go and you can control them and while ur controlling them you can pick things up of the floor or shelves like protein powder and fruit and all the other props oh and make it so that you can spawn all the props in the game (ragdolls can have guns and shoot at others and can we get war ragdolls) thanks!

Great game, although I wish the dummies were a bit more durable. The dummies before were amazing very fun to play with and wouldn’t die instantly, I wish there was a feature were we could edit the dummies spawn dummies, make the dummies more durable, make the dummies do numerous emotes, and move dummies.

Very good game! One problem is when getting into free roam mode, frame rate decreases… I wish there was a option where we could select any fps option… from 60 fps to 120 fps…. Other than that… All good. Hope to see more rooms and weapons added to the game… And better graphics/fps…

This is fun and it has good physics I love this game not many ads its fun and entertaining the graphics are good but I wish they’d add more maps but other then that this is a really fun game! Keep up the good work devolopers!

I like the game but it stills annoys me everytime when I reset the current room and it spams ads But it’s good right everytime I get the achievement and it so hard to get all the achievement the Burj Khalifa why does no one do this one they were on 2022 and 2021. So I’ll give this Star a 5/5.

Really fun! Especially the new 3d walking feature! I love being able to walk around these great looking maps! But they do need to turn down the sensitivity since its impossible to move sometimes. But other than that its good! There should be the walking feature on all of the maps it would be cool!

There is an annoying bug where after a popup or just simply every time you change or restart a room, dynamite just doesn’t work. Also ver nice game I hope this gets an exstention and prolly a drag too loud be nice

Pretty good, but more recently the heads of dummies falling to pieces when a rocket is launched is causing the game to crash I would like this fixed for the next update- ignore this issue has been resolved

It’s an amazing experience for those who have an eternal love for fictional destruction. Would highly recommend to anyone I know who is looking for a fun time waster. However, content in the game is limited, and with how it stands now, I don’t see myself or many others getting much playtime. A point system or challenges, maybe a level system could help this issue in my opinion. Besides that, great game!

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