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Life MakeoverLife Makeover is a limitless dress-up and social simulation game where you can create your very own avatar, customize dress-up and makeup, design one-and-only garments by yourself, build your dream house, and chill with your besties!

Life Makeover new version Snow Dance is available now! Let’s embrace a cozy winter and capture lively moments!
1. From January 17th to February 6th, the time-limited Lightchase – Snow Date will be live, featuring limited new 6-Star [Lively] Set – Dancing Snow and new 5-Star Set – Crystal Tears, and an exclusive [Lively] SSR Ally Roy – New Year Bloom.
6-Star Set – Dancing Snow
Legend has it on the fairy island Penglai, a Fairy can dance like a swan in the snow.
5-Star Set – Crystal Tears
There is no eternity in the world, but I want to keep you forever.
2. New Fashion Code is now available.
3. Endorsement Queen Dark Feather Season II and Endorsement Queen Dark Feather Brand Activity Season III will be available.
4. Vvanna Community will be available.
5. Two-Person Photo Mode will be available.
6. Login Bonus: Fairyland Fate is live, log in to get Fairy’s Carriage x15, 5-Star Fashion – Mass Night Clock, Cute Effects, Effects, Photo Frames, and a total of 200 Diamonds!
7. Endless Luck Special Offer.
8. New events: Quoits Game, Astro Story – Star Wheel, Colby Adventure, Styling Wizard – Secret Scales, Dream Scroll – Precious, Detective’s Eye will be live continuously, and new 5-Star and 4-Star sets are waiting for you!
9. Time-Limited Ally Boost Packs, Tipsy Pavilion Appearance Pack, Frost Dance Appearance Pack will be live continuously.
10. Occupational Furniture will be available.
11. Sign-in Collection – Blooming Sakura will be available to craft.

CREATE AVATAR: Define your appearance.
You can create your own appearance in every facial detail and define your own beauty from a variety of skin tones to body shapes, expressing your personal beauty in the virtual world.

FASHION GARMENT: Unlock thousands of fashion styles.
Various exquisite dresses, magnificent and beautiful outfits, the latest fashion items, and one-and-only vintage couture are all waiting for you. You could fulfill all your fantasies and expectations of beauty. Capture and enjoy every precious moment in Life Makeover!

DESIGN BY YOURSELF: Design one-and-only fashion garments.
You can not only choose outfits from your fashion wardrobe but also have a chance to realize the dream of being a stylist, by making your own clothes from fabric all the way to finished product, including placement, marking, cutting, sewing, printing, etc. Don’t wait to make your design dream come true in Life Makeover!

DREAM HOUSE: Style your unique home.
With the home system, you could build your own dream house, in the style of a luxury penthouse, modern house, tranquil farmhouse, etc. From grounding up and personalizing layouts, to furnishing and decorating every room, you could build the house of your dream!

SOCIAL LIFE: Chill with your besties.
Experience versatile interactions in Life Makeover’s limitless universe. You could meet other players, invite your besties to come over for afternoon tea, and throw home parties to enjoy weekend nights with others!

IMMERSIVE STORIES: Explore the truth with romance.
Walk into the memory and experience the stories behind exquisite costumes. Discover delicate evidence and important items at the crime scene. All the way to uncover the truth!

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Official Facebook:
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To ensure a smooth gaming experience, please ensure your device meets the following minimum requirements of the game:
Android devices: Snapdragon 660, Kirin710 or above;
Minimum memory left: 4GB or above;
Supported system: Android 7.0 or above. (Settings > About Phone > Model)

Life Makeover user reviews :

This is an amazing game! The fashion pieces are unlimited and the gameplay is interesting and enjoyable. The story is a little odd and boring, however the unlimited events and beautiful graphic make up for it. I think it would be interesting to add nail polish to the game so the outfits will be more attractive. There’s a little bug in the lipstick ‘Crimson Dream.’ When you switch to that lipstick it doesn’t show that lipstick, but usually a duller shade of a different lipstick.

I’ve been playing dress up games for most of my life and this is one of the best ones I have ever played! But there is one thing :\ whenever I go off it for a few seconds and then come back the game immediately crashes which does make sense XD but then whenever I load up the game again it closes itself :P and I have to delete the game and redownload it :( and the story is a bit boring but other than that, I LOVE THIS GAME! There are so many ways to customize ur character, and It’s just fun!

I love dress up game’s. This game is a nice mix of fashion, storytelling and RPG. Same play style as Shining Nikki just way more customization options, skin tones and you can build a house. A bit glitchy, sometimes the game crashes in the middle of playing & as of now players can’t change their profile pictures -which is frustrating. PLEASE FIX PROFILE PICTURES. Besides that, it’s fun to me & beautiful aesthetic.

I love the visuals and story of this game, but I’ve been running into a problem where the game now crashes every time I open it. I tried uninstalling it and downloading it again but same thing happened. Based on some of the other reviews, other people have run into this problem too. EDIT: Problem has been fixed for me after the latest update!

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