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[Game] Ruins Story

Ruins Story2D Rogue Light Action Shooter.

For holding the smartphone vertically.

Move, aim, and shoot at high speeds using a single finger operation! High-tempo battle!
Explore using items as they are unlocked, coming up with new builds and strategies each time.

High-speed movement to the targeted floor, wall, or ceiling with a flick of the finger.
Use two types of weapons by tapping and swiping.
Resource management and well-timed attacks are essential.
Depending on the combination of enhanced items, the fighting style changes drastically!
Think about your strategy to prepare for powerful Boss Enemies.

Equipment Acquisition
Various enhancement items can be obtained within the search.
They are lost when returning from exploration, but they all have powerful abilities.
When the search is over, unlock new equipment using obtained items!
Find your own strongest build!

The story progresses with each exploration.
The Genesis Log tells the story of the main character “Ruina” and her support robot “Nekoro” and their past.
The story unfolds from two perspectives.
What happened in the past and present….
To deal with the crisis facing mankind, Ruina and Nekoro continue their search.

Ruins Story user reviews :

Sort of fun, but could use more control options. Often have the issue of wrong controls when it fires instead of moving or it moves after firing or it moves instead of firing. Would love to have an option to split the screen so that controls in one area did one thing specifically. Also a nice safe zone to test controls and some more explanations on settings would be nice. Also boss fights can be confusing as to where your character is, especially if you jumped at the boss instead of shooting.

Its great! A bit awkward than ReversEstory due to the movement mechanic, but it’s still fun! The music is great! Translation is still a bit off but still good enough, although i find the game to be a bit easier than the previous one? 4 bosses in and im breezing through the game without dying. Overall 5 stars! I dare to say it’s one of the best mobile games on the market right now just like ReversEstory

The mechanic if the game seems/looks difficult but its easy to learn it and get into action! It also got a good story and the playability is there… the game is still somewhat new so i expected more to come, wacky fun and guns combos!

so far the game is very good,the bullet hell is nice,the runs are long but still manage to keep me focused and entretained and the music is very good however i dont like the “Envy” boss fight cuz if i lack dps basically the run basically ends due to the…shadow-things having a lot of HP and being too many but that boss fight aside the game is awesome and very enjoyable(i havent done anything of the extra section of the game yet though…)

the game is confusing in the lobby section as there’s no description of what each of the symbols mean. in addition, move and beta attack having similar controls is annoying as you can’t move away without wasting attacks. personally i also don’t like having to switch between the weapons so often, unlike reversestory.

Accidentally moving instead of shooting and vice versa is common due to the controls. The English is hard to understand and the descriptions and explanations, frankly, suck. There is a serious lack of labeling of a bunch of symbols with no way to know what they do till you click on them enough and you memorize them. I still give 4 stars for the art and gameplay. Still manages to be fun somehow.

Really interesting takes on roguelite shooter genre. Fast paced, but strategy and positioning is crucial. This kind of quality in this early release? I have high hopes for this one. Only downside is the translation, which is seriously lacking in some areas. Nevertheless a great game and I wholeheartedly recommend this to any rogue/shooter fans out there!

Been waiting for this game for so long ever since I finished all stories on the last one. The games graphics, gameplay, and soundtracks are amazing. The story is great, I’m still connecting the dots about the Lore of this game and the last(since there’s very little information in the last game). The controls is a little difficult but you’ll get used to it as you play. Overall the game is great, I would recommend it to others who likes these types of games or someone who is interested.

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