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Run Pro  Run Pro is a 3d fps run race game. Run and race with your friends on the maps you created with Run Pro!

Another addictive game from the makers of Bhop Pro! A new fps running game experience among addictive online games.

Run Pro is a multiplayer run game where you can create your own world. Make your own map with the map editor and race online.

A lot of game mechanics await you with Run Pro. Live the adrenaline to the full in a fast-flowing game! run on the wall, jump wall to wall, jump higher and speed up with boosters!

Race online with your friends. Share the platform maps you create with everyone on the Run Pro players.

You can try Run Pro for a different experience among online running games.


PvP Race: Get the best score against other players.

Map Editor: A system where you can build your own parkour maps. With this editor, you can create an online run race game or create a parkour simulator.

Portals: You can quickly teleport to another point with portals in the game.

Checkpoints: when you make a mistake you can continue from the last checkpoint.

Wall Run: Free running on walkable walls.

Booster: Speed up and fly! The speed boost will make you feel incredible!

Jump Box: This allows you to jump high and navigate easily.


With Run Pro, you can create multiple game modes. The easiest way to do this is to use the map editor. The map editor offers you unlimited depth and creativity. If you want, you can make a run game, freerun game, sandbox game, jump game or parkour game.

Favorite Mods:

Speedrun: Players try to finish the map in the fastest way in this mode. Speed run maps are the maps where the competition is at the highest level.

Deathrun: Usually users create challenging maps in this mode and compete to pass obstacles.


Colorful and vibrant HD graphics!
User made minigames
Conquer tons of new levels!
Challenge your friends!
Get the best time on easy parkour
Beat your opponents on hard to complete maps
Create hard games to challenge your friends
Enjoy deathrun parkours with traps
Realistic parkour movements
Escape parkours with labyrinnth style layout
Race in real time against your friends or randomly selected players!
Best pvp games with Multiplayer PvP Servers
Climb the leaderboard and challenge the best players in the world!
Be the maker of addictive maps with easy to use map editor
Speedrun parkours with competitive daily scoreboards
Advanced parkour simulator with easy FPS controls

Run Pro is a free, multiplayer online game; An internet connection is required to play the game.

Download this running game app for free now!

Run Pro user reviews :

The game is just super brilliant and I am addicted to it so much:) the controls are simple yet powerful ones , it also gives me the vibe of real parkour :)) the game is super cool and fun , Thx ! I have a suggestion: can you plz add an option to save a map offline? Sometimes I like to play certain maps again offline, I would really appreciate it , if you added “Download map” button for an offline single play :))) Thx again !

It is very good as expected it is really fun to make your own levels and be creative. There can sometimes be minor bugs and glitches but other than that the game is very good. One problem I do have is when playing sometimes they make the level basically impossible even though you have to play your own level before publishing it. Thank you for making this game

The is the best game and I love it I this game isreally good but it contains high level of ads it is ok because my phone loves this game so I didnt play the game because my phone was playing it

It’s a good game, there’s some missing features, like the offline mode and the graphics options, overall, good game, not that bad, but I’m expecting those 2 on the next update so yeah, keep it up!

It’s a fun game but there’s way more ads than there should be, also some maps are really glitchy I think it’s just a visual bug but it makes certain maps unplayable. Apart from those things it’s a great game with good potential.

Amazing game! I love it, but please add joystick! I would give it 5 stars if it was implemented. Make a feature to download maps, and finally add offline.

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