Word Spelling – Are you good enough in spelling

[Game] Word Spelling

Word Spelling  Word Spelling is a brain challenging word game designed to improve your English spelling skills, vocabulary and pronunciation. Easy to play and makes learning fun.

The great challenge for you in Word Spelling is to find the correct word from 4 similar spelling options. Countdown will increase your challenge difficulty.

Are you good enough in spelling?
Just download and start your quest now!


Choose the correct word from 4 similar spelling options before time runs out.

Try a HINT to help you remove a wrong spelling option.

Use +20s to add 20 seconds if you want more time.

Find 3 correct words to pass a level.

You will get a mysterious picture every time you complete 4 levels.

More and more spellings and levels will be added continuously. How far can you go?

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Word Spelling user reviews :

Very educational..have my niece play,..helps with becoming fast in recognizing words and their correct spelling

Lots of fun! Helps you think!! Helps pass the time too!

Fun and a good learning tool for my young nephew.

I like this game!!! I like all word games, but this one is one of my favorites.

So far it’s holding my attention. Like the graphics. Would’ve been 5 stars’s if it wasn’t for my experience with the app yesterday!! The word was (receive) and that was the selection that I chose as the correct spelling; yet the app “yes” this here game!!!told me about a million times that I was. WRONG!!!!!! Finally I got bored not to mention my poor finger was about to fall off from me hit the instant recover button then having to watch ad after ad only to get!!! WRONG ANSWER AGAIN!!

I love this game. It’s helping me to think quicker about words and it’s spelling.

Helps me remember how to spell! Excellent way to stay sharp

Fun game, good time killer. The game is easy for those of us who are good with spelling and grammar, would like to see more words than four at a time.

Love spelling and grammar. This keeps me on my toes! Love it!!

Love this quick moving game. No problems.

Excellent for second language learners and secondary school students

I really like this app it’s fun, helps with memory & keeps brain sharp

It’s a real fun game so far. Some of them really challenge your brain.

Awesome game helps you with spelling but for me I already know how to spell keeps my mind sharp

This could be a fun game if there were more words per round, and there is way, way too many ad..and they’re all 30 seconds. I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. For these reasons I’m uninstalling.

I thought I was a great speller, but this game gave me a run for my money. If you want to learn to spell, try out this game.

I had a bad accident to where my spelling and reading was not up to par so I downloaded this app in a couple of other apps it makes me frustrated when I’m trying to spell the word that I think it’s the right way and it isn’t but it make me keep wanting to try because I want to do better for myself if anybody wants to challenge there are spelling it’s the perfect app

It is a great game! The words are so organised that they encourage me to pay attention when locating the exact word spellings. And it keeps me awake when I’m sleepy! I love it!

I have always had a hard time with spelling and sometimes when I’m at work and a word I look at it and I’m extremely confused cuz it looks wrong! But if I spell check it’s usually right this game is pretty fun I hate the adds!!!! that’s the only bad thing I can say

I have 1&1/2 years of college under my belt, but that was a LONG time ago! I decided to download the app to test my spelling skills. So far so good! The game started out with very easy words. I’m waiting for the words to get more difficult! I’m hoping that the game contains some medical words. I’ll update my review if it is deemed necessary.

Fun, but I feel really rush because of the timer, and I miss read a letter and get it wrong. You can’t take the time off. I would feel much better if you had the opportunity to turn off the timer and get to actually compare the spellings. Some of them have just 1 out of place or a letter replacement or just not there. You don’t see it until you hit it and miss it.

The game is really fun and exercises our minds in the quick recognition of the right spelling of words. However, the timer adds pressure that rather than really seeing the word and spelling it out, your really doing a quick scan and it’s more of a what looks right then actually knowing each letter of correct spelling. I think it could be a little better if you could do with out timer or a little more time so that your not picking based on recognition but more of exact knowledge. Awesome Game!

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