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SavePal  Are you planning your next trip? Do you want to buy a bike? Saving money for a special gift?

With SavePal it’s easy to manage your savings, just add your goals and track every time you save money, it’s that simple. Change your savings and spending habits thanks to SavePal.

You can see the history of all your savings with charts, knowing in which categories you are saving more money . Keep motivated to achieve your goals quickly.


SavePal can be used as a Piggy Bank, Savings Planner or Budget Planner! It allows you to easily track your progress in order to purchase the things you want.


Unlimited goals.
Save money easily to reach your goals.
Add savings to each goal.
Withdraw money from each goal if needed.
See the daily/weekly/monthly savings needed to reach your goal
Track your savings and goal by categories.
Add reminders to keep you motivated.
Beautiful charts with your overall savings.
Multiple currencies.

How to use:
Add your goals, set the amount, category and the deadline.
You can add reminders to motivate you.
Start adding savings to each goal. You can also withdraw money from it.
Track your progress with dashboards and reminders. You can monitor how much you are saving by category.

Premium features (In-App Purchase):
Change Theme: Customize your app theme.
Change Font: Customize the font.
Manage categories: Add as many categories as you want and select from more than 30 icons.
Backup and Restore: Save your data in your Google Drive account and restore it on a different device.

Supported languages:

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SavePal user reviews :

A really easy to use app that allows you to keep track of your savings. Organising your savings goals into categories and then dating them makes keeping on top of what you need to save so much simpler. There are two things that stops this app being 5* for me. In the stat’s progress tab, there isn’t a total remaining to save of all your goals. Also even though I paid for the premium app, I would still love the option of choosing my own theme colours or there being more of an option.
  • Julio
  • Thanks Kaitlyn for the feedback. I will add the total remaining in the Stats tab. Regarding the themes, I plan to add more themes in the future. Feel free to send any other feedback to juliodevel[at]

Mostly a very intuitive app! I just wish recording your savings was more quick. A lot of info is mandatory to enter, like a description of your saving, and a “category” Similarly, you have to set a goal before you can start recording savings. Both are features i appreciate, but don’t need to be mandatory.

Great app, easy to use, no ads even without premium. A few things that could be fixed though: – Better system for putting in goal end dates. Swiping through the calendar when your end date is 6 year in the future isn’t practical. – Option to change the date format. Currently it’s day/month/year but I’m more familiar with month/day/year.
  • Julio
  • Hi Amber, really appreciate your feedback and sorry about the issues you are having when changing the fonts. Could you send us an email to hello[at] so we can understand better what your issue is, please? Thanks.

Very useful, simple principal, easy to understand and very informative. Honestly it was exactly what I was looking for I would highly recommend it forget bells and whistles this app gets straight to the point.

Very useful and simple to use. A good feature would be to see if you are on track to saving for a goal, maybe a second bar that shows an average that is needed to be saved so far or something like that.

It’s a very good app for bigners who wanna save more. Here you can see with in a month, week,day how much you have to save according to your savings and goals. Especially for students it’s so good and by this app definitely there savings curiosity will increase

Simple to use and I love it. Unfortunately you can’t remove money from savings which is likely to happen for many of us. One of my savings is for house items whilst the other is gifts so obviously a high chance I will spend some throughout the period… then stats will be wrong…
  • Julio
  • Hi Mai, thanks for your review. I’ve released a new version of the app when you can withdraw money, hope you enjoy this new feature!

Amazing application for teens who really want to save money and keep track of saving. I would have rated five stars but the apk lack proper tutorial to use but is easy to use after a few times

Really like this app, clear and simple to use and tells you how much you need to save each week or month to meet your goals. Has definitely helped me focus on saving.

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