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[Game] Scroll of Onmyoji – Sakura & Sword

Scroll of OnmyojiScroll of Onmyoji: Sakura & Sword is a super popular Japanese MMOARPG game with a competitive style of play, an original fantasy story, along with a beautiful Japanese style.

The sound of this game is filled by famous Japanese actresses and voice actors to give you a pleasant experience while playing. This game received a very good rating from Japanese players when it was released in Japan due to the exciting gameplay, stunning image styles, and a talented team of voice actors.

This game has a fantasy background. Legend has it that when day meets night, it is also the meeting point of Yin and Yang. The Devil and the Ghost Shikigami have been released into the human world, and the Onmyoji must protect world peace by stopping the invasion of the devil!

Game Features
Stunning Artwork, Top Class Voice Actor
“Scroll of Onmyoji: Sakura & Sword” has the best voice actors from Japan and China that provide the best experience in this world of Yin and Yang! In addition, the beautiful scenery of ancient Kyoto created carefully by our designers gives individuals a feeling of being in ancient Japan.

World Champion, Who will be the best
There will be Onmyoji from different places in the Peak Arena, who will conquer the arena? World War will also be held and Onmyoji from all over the world will gather and compete to be the best. Who will be the strongest Onmyoji in Kyoto?

Shikigami’s Command, Devil Seal
Collect god spirit fragments to summon god spirits as your Shikigami. Shikigami has 2 attributes —— transform and placement, and also certain individual attributes such as water, wind, fire, lightning, etc. Summon your Shikigami and with the help of the sky, change the tide of battle!

Community Guild, Your Second Family
Join together in various adventurers where you and your friends fight against the boss, defeat powerful monsters, and many more ~
The guild headquarters provides a safe and warm place where you and your friends can spend time together and communicate

Find Your Destined Soul Mate
Join festivals, dance parties, guild missions, and much more together with those you love. There are also exclusive partner activities and secret places available only to you both.

Unique Baby System, Enlarge Your Baby
The cute baby system has arrived, raise the baby along with your soulmate, and witness the appearance of different babies as they grow! You can even bring them together on adventures and battles as they grow big!

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Scroll of Onmyoji user reviews :

I really love this game especially when you get a teamwork with partner and find a new friends in here i very love it you also can play with you partner and friends in dungeon or something i hope you’re have many update in this game and give us some free items like the pink jade it’s too hard until you have to wait for the code thanks for making this game i love it

Well i love the concept that dev put in this game. Auto battle so we can do other things like talking with other player or upgrade your weapons. It’s fun but only for the short time. After 2-3 hours nothing more to do, so i need to wait until the next day to do some daily quest then it’s keep repeatedly. And please adjust controller position!

Great game to play if all you want to do is lay back and chill while talking with other players, cuz the game itself will automatically do the fighting and such for you. If you don’t like laying back and letting the game do it for you, it’s not highly recommended. Great game, the art, the graphics.

Smooth movement, good graphic, great npc voices (except for the guide’s voice, her pronunciations are kinda bad and her tone sounds a bit off). The downsides are that we can’t change the language and we can’t customize our character. 4/5.

This game is very good, graphics, events, and more. but there is a problem that the server is very lag even though my signal is 50mbps and the signal should be smooth to play light games like this and I hope the devs read this and fix this soon!

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