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tpMiFitpMiFi provides the easiest way to manage your TP-LINK Mobile Wi-Fi via the connected Android devices.

It allows you to manage your Mobile Wi-Fi’s data usage, battery life and connected devices with a few taps.

tpMiFi management is available only after the Android device is connected to the Wi-Fi network of TP-LINK Mobile Wi-Fi.

Disconnected from the MiFi will appear on the interface if the device is not connected to the Mobile Wi-Fi. All features are available when the Android device logs in. The login username and password are the same as the administrator username and password of the Mobile Wi-Fi.

This app only supports M7200,M7350, M7310, M7300, M7650, M7450

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tpMiFi user reviews :

Add a feature:: The application is very good but one feature is missing the ability to see all the device that have ever connected to the mifi the only feature in the app is to see the online clients or the blocked clients ,it will be fantastic if there is a third tab for all the devices that had previously connected to the device .. My Mifii is :: M7200 Thanks in regards …

This device is as good as a plug in router if you get the best connection SIM for your area it works great. I play games on android and Xbox I also stream live on YouTube and twitch it’s a good device . And this app makes it so easy to check on internet settings. Keep up good work Devs

Often fails to detect the mifi device. Please fix it to fallback and check if the wifi gateway IP is the mifi device. Until then the built in web UI is more the reliable.

Flawless setup and operation experience! The app is very helpful, especially with setting up your TP-Link mobile WiFi.

Am giving you three stars because of the weak battery life, if you get a strong one I will update to five star!

Had the IQ sim for a month now and its been great. Had a signal all through France and Spain. Just about to buy a 2nd month for the trip through Portugal.

Since the app doesn’t have developer’s contact email: I set up the new password through a browser on my PC. There I log in and out without any problems. But the new router password is not accepted by the app. Apparently I have to reset the router to defaults to set up the new admin password through the app, but it’s ridiculous. P.S. I was able to log in after setting the password back to admin. It turned out that the app accepts password with max length of 15 characters. Router itself accepts mo

Nice app, just missing the option for the device log view. Could be very useful for me for trouble shooting.

Only just setting up,but seems easy to use,the display feature is a great addition, I previously used a similar device which didn’t have a visual monitor.Having set up the device with ease, I am yet to try it outdoors, but so far so good. I am very wary to be using open WiFi and prefer to use such a device that I have control over.

In my opinion, TP-Link is the most premium brand when it comes to WiFi and networking gear. Their products are of exceptional quality and the app is so easy to use. I never knew there were so many handy features to personalise your Mifi. I have the older M7200 model (I think lol) but it works like a charm! My WiFi speed is so fast it even outperforms Fibre internet compared to when I use the SIM card on my phone…Thank you team for the amazing products and services!!!

It looks good, and I haven’t encountered any issues with the functionality, but that’s really all I’m able to comment on because this app is lacking the most basic of features that one could reasonably expect to find in an Android app. How does this app not have an accompanying widget??! Or the option of receiving a notification when the battery is low??! Please add these!!!

Very happy with this. Installation was ok, not always clear which pin or password was required, whether sim or router. The integrated data usage information is useful. The integrated battery makes it even more versatile. A huge leap compared to what I was using a few years ago. Super.

East to set-up although not all controls are clear on what they do, kind of trial and error. 1day after working fine no longer able to access internet (no service available) although phone can connect with no issue. Contacted TP help and following a couple of issue appears to be resolved. APN had changed from GIFFGAFF to O2-PAYG once changed back all internet working well. Thank you Renee QI, As this is my first such device not sure what to expect for best in review & value £. Update soon.

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