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ShmoodyFeel better in the short term. Grow in the long term. Become the best version of you.

Shmoody is a mental health and self-care toolkit that offers actionable tools to help with depression, anxiety, or when you’re just feeling down.

Simple actions you can take that will improve your mood right now
Community support and accountability
Challenges that support your long term personal growth

If you are struggling with depression or anxiety, or if you’re just feeling down, then Shmoody can help.

We know what it feels like to be stuck in bed and feel like there’s nothing we can do to feel better.
We know what it’s like to procrastinate and worry when we feel we’re stuck in a rut.
We know that it can feel like things will never get better.


The founders of Shmoody have dealt with depression, anxiety, and addiction and have made real changes in their lives using daily, practical tools. We know the tools that actually work, and the clinical research that backs it up. We also know that a not-too-serious approach is the most effective way to make real changes, so we’ve developed an app that is as fun and welcoming as it is powerful and life-changing.

P.S. Now is the time to work on your mental health. It’s easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do. But there is. We’ve been there; we can help.

Shmoody user reviews :

This app is brilliant, i already love it. Just a couple of things I’d keep in mind for further improvement: the default “go back” button (on Android) doesn’t work with the app, it just shuts the app down. When listening to sounds, a pop up on the notification bar would be awesome (pause and stop button at least) That said, I’m in love with the app and I’m looking forward to use it more in my everyday life!

  • Federica! So glad to hear you are loving the app! Your feedback is well heard and I’ve brought it to the attention of our dev team! Thanks for bearing with us as we keep improving

Ok. Been roaming around for an hour now and have explored all the options. Love the venting anonymously feature. Also the free white noises are good. But some more challenges should have been free rather than 1 only. And the daily planning should have customization option for adding our own simple task. But overall, satisfied. Never have I come to review an app so fast. Keep up the good work!

Love this well-meaning, well functioning lil’ app. Has some great, sharable resources which I’ve yet to find within another self help application.

If I could put even more stars I would!! I’ve only been on this app for about an hour and I absolutely adore everything about it. It’s so homely and chill and I already feel better

2 stars for effort. I’ve messed with this app a bunch of times over several months, but I’m giving up on it. I’ve never found behavioral activation helpful, and I find the suggested actions here so very dorky. The app WILL NOT let me post in the forums and is slower than a dead slug to load them. There’s just nothing in it for me.

Changing my review to 5 stars because I contacted the team and the response was quick, personable and they are taking action. Amazing! I love the daily list and the quick meditations as well as the binaural sounds. I’ve tried a lot of mood apps and this is fast becoming my favourite.

  • Hi rxkittens! I responded to your email about this as well :) We see what you’re talking about, made the fix, and will be releasing an update with it tomorrow! Thanks for using our app, we’re glad to have you

I met the creator of this app and know a bit about the vision and knowledge behind it. it’s an amazing toolkit and to say it’s super helpful would be an understatement. Also new features and content being added keep evolving the app. It’s great !

I recommend the app to anyone that has extreme stress that forces him to stay in house or feel like stress took control of his life. Shmoody helps me find motivation on the bad mood days and always stay active. I have used so many apps but this one puts me into action, and the devs listen to the user. • Previous review: I enjoy the app for almost a week now, today i found a bug on the Let’s do push ups tab, when i press the steps button I get nothing and when i press back the app just closes.

  • Glad you’ve been enjoying the app Christos! And thank you for pointing out that bug! We just fixed it!

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