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My True ValueBegin your guided self-care journey with My True Value and start working on your self-improvement and mental health – Use our breathing exercises!

Build your self-esteem through daily positive affirmations and self-love. Create a better you & achieve wellness – Love yourself!

Follow our self-improvement guide for better mental health and learn how to be confident. Our app is created based on consultation with a psychologist to give you the most effective self-care and self-growth.

Our app also includes breathing exercises and positive affirmations that will help you to build healthy habits and build the mindset for personal growth and self-help.

Psychologists have found that image that we have about ourselves affects every aspect of our life. It affects our studies, work, communication, relationship, mental health, and happiness.

Mental health is not at the same level all the time. There are points in our lives where we can use help and guidance. Self-care is very important for your self-growth and personality development and we encourage you to take time every day to open our app for breathing exercises and take benefit of all other features of our app.

Detailed and fully guided self-care to help you improve self-love & mental health
Introspective questions and insights for your answers.
Breathing exercises and positive affirmations.
Created based on consultation with professional psychologists.
Learn how to be confident with a positive image of yourself and self-love.
Guided reflections for healing and self-growth.
Soothing color scheme for the app design.
Very easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface.
Overview of your personal journey of healing & self-growth.

Start your guided self-care journey and let us help you to gain better mental health! Create a better you – Meet your future self!

My True Value Chapters for positive self-help & self-esteem:
1. Introduction: Getting started
2. Your beliefs about yourself
3. A new way to treat yourself
4. Talk yourself up
5. Your unconscious behavior
6. Your shadows
7. Meet your inner critic
8. Talk and listen with confidence

Listen to positive words of affirmation on daily basis and achieve wellness – Love yourself!

Everyone, regardless of age, can always benefit from personality development and self-actualization. We all have our own hurt and issues, stemming from traumas in our life that cause issues and problems in our daily lives and hinder our success and happiness. However, through self-care and self-love, we can overcome them and become better versions of ourselves.

Through this self-improvement journey, you will slowly learn how to be confident, improve your mental health, and become happier through breathing exercises, guided self-care activities, and positive affirmations. With this self-help app, you will be able to achieve overall wellness and success.

Download our guided self-care app and take all benefits for your personality development and self-help. Breathing exercises and positive affirmations will help you to build healthy habits. Create a better you & achieve wellness – Love yourself!

NOTE: This app is not intended to replace counseling or therapy sessions with a psychologist. If your mental health issues are overwhelming you, please seek help from a professional.

Some chapters are free and allow you to get the feel of our app and experience the healing journey of self-growth. For a small fee, you can unlock the new Chapters and continue your self-improvement journey while supporting us.

My True Value user reviews :

Having only done the first chapter, I’m impressed. Love the simplicity of the layout. Easy to keep track of placement, and convenient to go back if needed The information starts from the very basics, and not overwhelming and filled with content that can complicate the learning and reflecting processes. Which helps when finding one’s clarity. Simple yet effective questions, and perfect short practices for busy lives. The no ad interruptions,big plus. Unsure of pricing for full version.

  • Hi Mandi, Thank you for your lovely review. We are so happy to be part of your journey. The price is $23.94 for 6 months access. Some countries add tax so the price can change depending on your location. We are always happy to assist you on both freemium and premium so do not hesitate to write us at info[at] Warm regards My True Value

Some of the exercises are interesting and thought-provoking (but honestly the free ones at the beginning are the best). There’s seven chapters right now and you can easily do them in a month, so no reason to pay for a longer subscription. I personally found the reflections much more interesting/useful and the self care exercises just annoying.

  • Thank you so much for your constructive review, Kyla. While we’re sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with all the exercises, we appreciate your thoughts. We take all feedback seriously and use it to improve and provide the best possible experience for our users. We would love to hear more from you at info[at]

Pretty good, but couple issues with the exercises. Mostly about the wording. I’m not going to say exactly what here, but I will see if I can reach them to express plain. Overall, what I’ve seen so far is helpful and beneficial. EDIT: Wow, I am very impressed by their customer service. They responded quickly and were delightful to deal with. Upgrading my rating to 5 stars.

  • Thank you so much, Nicole. The ratings are essential for our visibility in Google Play, so you just helped us a lot. THANK YOU so very much. Warm regards, Trine from My True Value

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