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[Game] Memento Mori – The Stoic Way

Memento MoriWhy do other’s opinion and judgement stress us? Why do beliefs and obligations of society stop us from achieving our dreams? Why do we procrastinate our life goals? With Memento Mori, gain the stoic power to be your best self. Not just another stoic philosophy app, it is your all-in-one toolkit to Learn, Plan, Achieve, and Reflect. Create a fulfilling and happy life with the timeless wisdom of stoicism.

“Memento Mori,” means, “Remember you must die.” It sounds negative but has been a motivator for great people like Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Why? As Aurelius said, “You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.”

Memento Mori is your stoic way to calm the mind, build an unshakeable mindset, and improve positive perspective. You can write diary and journal, track goals, manage tasks, read stoic books and quotes, meditate with breathing exercises and do stoic mindset exercises. All this with inspiring scenery and music will lead to your mental wellbeing

Central to Memento Mori are DEATH CLOCK and CHAT WITH STOICS. The clock makes you grateful for your existence. You respect time and stop wasting it to please others and caring about factors out of your control. And “Chat with Stoics” is your non-judging chatbot which you can talk to 24×7 and discuss stoic ideas for help.

Stressed by ups and downs of life
Struggling with mental health despite meditation
Distracted from tasks and big life goals
Interested in stoicism to live your best life
Tired of using multiple apps for journaling, goals, and motivation
Seeking a stoic friend to chat without judgement

Stoicism is a centuries old philosophy perfected by great people like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus, Zeno, and more. It is famous for its practical way for life and resilient mental peace. In search of meaning and happiness, stoic philosophy has guided people for ages.

Core idea of stoic philosophy is to make the best of what is in your control and not let anything outside control bother you, like opinions, weather, etc. It redefines happiness as internal exercise, that comes from balancing desires, thoughts, and actions. As Nassim Taleb says, “A Stoic is a Buddhist with attitude.”

In modern times, stoicism has been adopted in psychological therapies like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) as well as many leadership courses, as it helps us understand and regulate emotions. A philosophy of leaders, stoicism helps you become fearless, kind, responsible and a critical thinker.

Death Clock: Gratitude for life and respect for time
Chat with Stoics: A non-judging AI chatbot you can talk to 24×7
Goals: Stay focused on your dreams
Task Manager: Plan your actions and track progress
Stoic Exercises: Build disciplined habits and meaningful life with mindset exercises
Guided Journals: Organize your life and thoughts with gratitude journal, diary of life stories, and quote reflections
Surreal Moments: Calming experiences with peaceful music and natural landscapes
Breathing Exercises: Easy scientific meditations for energy, focus, or mental peace
Stoic Books: Build a growth mindset with classic books on stoic philosophy
Stoic Quotes: Motivation with stoic quotes and ideas
Mementos: Revisit your old journals, quotes, stoic exercises, and goals. Introspect on the past to plan future direction

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Enough of merely existing. It’s time to be truly alive. As Epictetus said, “How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?”

Memento Mori user reviews :

One nagging issue is that the looping sounds which are supposed to induce some sort of relaxation, dont loop very well so I keep it turned off. It’s actually more disruptive than relaxing. It would also be nice to turn on highlights, so you can look up definitions of words or phrases through a quick Google search. In early Meditations it encourages thorough reading but you aren’t really enabled to do much research directly from the app.

  • Thank you for sharing this, Ryan. EDIT: We added longer loops with smooth transitions (while trying to keep app size low). It’s still not perfect due to some Android system limits, so our final fix in a month will be to add sounds for download via cloud. We also added book translation for 5 languages and text highlight option Always here for you

Hidden Gem of an App. Downloaded just to learn more about stoicism, ended up using it to replace 3 other similar apps. Genuinely has maybe not everything you need but most of it. Love the widgets, especially the quote of the day. Premium is actually affordable too but the important features are free. Very impressed! One suggestion I would like to see added is a visual of the daily morning/night/etc routine being checked off and grayed out as you finish each one.

  • So much love to you Such heartfelt reviews are our source of energy, and we’ll always make sure to bring you the best of wellness and Stoicism Also, the suggestion makes so much sense. We’ll add this feature soon. If you have any other ideas, we are here for you at surrealwork[at]

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