A Tavern for Tea – At the boundary between the demons and the humans

[Game] A Tavern for Tea

A Tavern for TeaThere is a tavern at the edge of the domain, right at the boundary between the demons and the humans. It doesn’t serve any ale – only tea – but for some reason, travellers find themselves drawn towards its little wooden door…

A TAVERN FOR TEA is a fantasy tea-brewing simulator and visual novel. Play as the owner of a fantasy tavern and brew the tea that your customers didn’t know they needed.

Play time is <1 hour.

A heartwarming story about two customers and their missed connection
Fantasy tea brewing in a fantasy tavern
Cute art and a relaxing soundtrack
Unlockable in-game gallery and after-hours tea brewing!

A Tavern for Tea user reviews :

The artstyle is adorable, I adore the storytelling and the way it works, the game has multiple languages and accessibility features (including sound and image descriptions which were very helpful!) It’s so well made and a fun little game. I had a great time, thanks for making the game. I was also super happy to find that the developer has some other games!!

Not a very long game, but it was super good! I really enjoyed how the story panned out over multiple plays, and the fact that culd could mke more teas than just the ones that are required to progress the story. Speaking of the story, the writing is great and so are the characters! My only gripe is that it’s so short! It was a nice 30 minute experience at most, though I do read faster than a lot of people.

A (very) short game but also incredibly satisfy to complete. It took me maybe 15 minutes to finish, but I still feel it was worth it. The designs are adorable and the plot is fun. I wish I could play a longer version of this with multiple days, though. I normally don’t pay for mobile games but spending for a more fleshed out version would be worth it

(Possible mild spoiler alert?) I loved this game! The art style is cute, music is good, the characters/relationships are interesting, and though the story was kinda short (nothing wrong with that, though, it wrapped up nicely), I really liked the concept and how it played out. It made me laugh at times and definitely made me want to know more about the game’s world, and what happens next. It was cool to see a sort of behind the scenes look at a classic ‘hero and villain’ adventure story.

It’s a very short little game, it takes maybe 15-30 minutes? The art is really cute and the gameplay with combining ingredients is a fun little mini game as well. All in all, it was a very fun little experience! The small twist at the end was cool, too, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I’m looking forward to more games from this developer! You aren’t losing anything by playing it, so please give it a download and have some fun being a tea tavern owner.

This was honestly one of the best games I’ve played in a long while– It didn’t take long for me to finish either and the storyline was really engaging and interesting for my ADHD mind to WANT to continue playing and WANT to get the correct ending. Even though I completed it in one sitting, I think I’ll still keep it on my phone to test out what other teas I could make and re-read the dialog. Speaking of which, I especially liked the amusing dialog!! Along with the adorable art style it has!

I absolutely loved this game the memory and choose your own adventure style aspects to it fit so well the art and music are lovely I just wish I could see more of what’s going to happen after doing my part. A few more customers would have been nice too like the ability to skip the adventurer and demon lord story and go to another set of patrons but I get why you may not want to include that. High key recommend I’m crying over it

Nice cuppa jo with a clever storytelling loop. A gamer’s game with cheap characters but effective dialogue and richly warming regardless. Could have signaled the surprise (anti-)climax challenge better, since it contradicts what was learned earlier. But I can see why the dev couldn’t scratch the calculated, extemporaneous “experimentation” phase. Otherwise illustrates that a good idea need only stay until its satisfied

Totally unbelievably awesome! The graphics? Atypical, the plotline? Beyond beautiful! I swear, this is the greatest story you will ever play, and it does not disappoint! This game really should get more downloads, it deserves way more than what it gets, and I enjoyed this game so much! I exploded with ecstatic, and I feel fulfilled after that sudden journey.

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