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Spanish ClassGain a mastery of Spanish!

Spanish Class offers a complete offline Spanish course, together with interactive verb, vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises. All words and phrases are available to listen to as well.
Great support when you learn Spanish. Easy to practice your verb conjugations, vocabulary, grammar and phrases with.

In this demo only the 2 first lessons are available:
Tenses: Present, Gerund, Participle
300 words
Basic grammar
30 useful phrases

And the following features:
Highly customizable exercises on all of the above, with a fun awards system which makes practicing fun, with separate awards for the vocabulary, verbs, grammar, listening and speaking exercises.
Keeping track of your progress by saving statistics and summaries of all done exercises, together with errors made.

The fun of this demo lies in its fun, addictive and useful exercises.
The full version comes with tons of content, while the content of this demo is rather limited.

The app also contains a fun speaking exercise, which should not be taken very seriously as it is now Also, although basic voices are included, it is also possible to enable additional higher quality voices from within the app, but these have to be bought first from the third party company Svox.

If you are serious about learning Spanish, please give this demo a try.

Spanish Class user reviews :

The record audio didn’t work. Some answers I got correct were marked wrong. It said this demo is outdated since it was created for an outdated app. Good concept anyway

The words are ok but there is no speech is totally mute i thought it was my fault but no other apps are perfect but this one I’m uninstalling, this suite the app better than a five star

This app is useful, even you are a beginner to learn Spanish, it can improve your Spanish skills step by step

This app never gets what i am saying.I went to speaking excersice i was saying the right answer but they said it was wrong so annoyinggggggggggg.but in the end it teaches you well

I like it but sometimes the correct answers are not in the listening aspect so you have to choose wrong answers .

Great app! You can learn Spanish fast and offline!!

I can’t hear anything i try putting more volume but it doesn’t work

It’s a nice App cause you can be listerning to what you can’t read

I do like the app, it’s best way to learn!!

I love it because,l learned basic words and I think as a beginner you need this app.

Good app so far. Listening exercises seems to out of sync though. Wrong words given as options. If this is fixed app would be great.

This app helped me learn Spanish and i have never liked Spanish so thank you.

Good for any person interest in learning Spanish on any level

I really like this app. It is formatted for progressive learning, not over burdened with advertising, and almost never locks up (that’s a big plus). One critique, (need to be able to replay the sentence, when that red screen pops up in the listening section, would increase speed of learning)!!! Over all great app, looking forward to the full version when I am at that point.

This app is great for learning spanish but when it comes to multi choice I find that it often has the word in the translation for example, llama is the word and llama is also in the option for answers instead of call me, my name or carne is an option for itself isntead or meat, and more words have the same problem. Whith that problem fixed it would be a perfect app.

I’m still using the demo version, but I’m going to upgrade to the paid version.

I can see the word, all it’s forms, and can hear how to say it! Can take practice tests on what I know. I love it!

This is completely awesome. Really awesome if it would be totally free. It helps a lot. I enjoyed it.

It has been great in helping me study Spanish ! Absolutely love it!

This is the greatest thing ever now I didnt set up my audio so I couldn’t hear the words but it still works perfectly

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