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My Hotpot Story My Hotpot Restaurant is a Restaurant Management game.

In this game you will play the role of a hot pot restaurant owner, developing various hot pot dishes, making daily purchase plans, serving customers, training chefs and waiters, purchasing restaurant stuffs, opening a chain of stores, etc.
Game features
1、Multiple ways to run the business freely.
2、Feel the fun of running a hot pot restaurant and enjoy all kinds of delicious food,Especially Chinese ingredients.
3、Decorate the store to have your own hot pot restaurant

My Hotpot Story user reviews :

The game it self is pretty, sadly there is not enough to do to keep me coming back. There should not be a cool down as well as energy use for the broth merge aspect, makes it very difficult to level up. There are glitches involving the sound stopping, making it more boring with out the background music. Overall, I had better hopes for the game then it was able to deliver. If you want a game that is slow, simple and little to no ads- give it a go. It is just not for me.

Overall I love the game, progress is a little slow and I’ve upgraded to bronze L 1. I found that this game can be played in split screen mode which is awesome because I just let the game play in the background because it’s faster to accumulate money while game is open instead of closing it out and letting offline take over. Biggest issue I have right now is there is a bug that crashed the game when I try and watch a video to claim diamonds. It makes me watch the ad and then crashes the game.

Great game. Ads are optional. Progress is slow but steady. Biggest complaint – how do you collect fish & other items from workers? When you click – the item goes back to the worker. Not sure if there is a bug or there is a trick to collecting. Also, the thresholds for upgrading levels need balancing. I have all menu items maxed but am still far from enough food points to upgrade.

After the new update, it’s still new so understandably so, there are three main issues. But the update added about 2-3 months of new content, sorting options, and the music was fixed. Now the minigames lag a lot. The developers just need to disable the background from running while the minigame is being played. There are new items that haven’t been translated yet. And the ads don’t close when you hit the X. But besides that the new update is great. Just needs translation work and optimization.

Unique concept, a few of the food items still need translating and it takes a bit of time once you start having trouble with money, to upgrade. Not much to do in-game wise once you’ve purchased all the staff but watch as the food gets cooked. You get to wash dishes but other than developing new dishes it’s a watching and waiting game. The beginning was more fun than now but not a bad game.

The game is really cute especially the graphics, everything! But I found it too hard to level up. Hope they can make it a little easier, I’ve been playing for few weeks ago and still can’t jump on Silver 1. I thought there’s something that I haven’t tried that’s why I’m levelling up too slow, but there’s nothing explore more.

I like this way more than I thought I would. I downloaded it on a whim and now play kind of obsessively I like the diversity of gameplay, only issue is that it freezes, maybe once a day. And some of the ads don’t work. And recently a lot of the dishes are in Mandarin (I think) -edit- this was fixed in the update that was loading while I wrote this But love it

I really like the game at first. The graphics are cute and detailed. However i’m currently on level silver 3 and the jump on the needed upgrading to get to the next level is too much. The food rating is so easy, the facility rating would take some time but its okay but the service rating?? It just needs too much and training notes are so hard to get. You can’t hire more crew cost you need to get on next level first. Please make training notes easier to get or deduct the service rating needed

If you love hotpot, this game can be pretty fun to see a restaurant build up under your influence. It is a little on a set path to progression, and developing dishes is all RNG, it’s still got the right elements to make it enjoyable as a bit of a passive investment to check in on once you get it going and being totally self sustaining. I was hoping to make actual dishes myself and see them get ranked based on how the customers like it, and see the success of the restaurant be more based on that

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