Skateboard FE3D 2 – Ride big ramps and get crazy air

[Game] Skateboard FE3D 2 – Freestyle Extreme 3D

Skateboard FE3D 2

Get on your skateboard and get ready to shred!

Ride big ramps and get crazy air, or get technical with street skating. Do huge flips and stunts, or chain together awesome combos with manuals, grinds and wallrides.

The choice is yours with 8 different skate parks made with inspiration from all around the world. You can even create your very own custom skate parks to ride!

Both your skater, and your skateboard are fully customizable, with tons of options to make yours absolutely unique!

Try it now and see why this Freestyle Extreme 3D series’ games has been downloaded more than 10 million times!


 Ride your skateboard and do tons of different tricks

Customize your character with tons of clothing, hairstyles, etc.
Fully customize your skateboard with different parts and colors
Create your very own custom skate park to ride in
Earn coins to level up your character
Arcade Mode: Try to beat your best score in 2 and a half minutes
S-K-A-T-E Mode: Complete specific tricks and combos
Free Run Mode: Skate around the parks with no time limit or purpose other than having fun
Great music to enjoy while riding your skateboard
Nothing is locked behind a paywall, everything can be unlocked just by playing

Skateboard FE3D 2 user reviews :

I would give it a 4 or five but the animations and physics are a little messed up but the graphics are good

I LOVE THIS GAME!! But I’m giving it 3 stars because the coin reward system is too unfair for the player. Maybe if you double or triple the rewards, it would be easier to access to all the maps and upgrade the skater. Or maybe make the upgrades and new locations cheaper. Other than that, this is by far the best skateboarding game in mobile.

  • Hi, and thank you for your review and your feedback. Its difficult finding the right balance between coins being too easy to get, and too hard to get. But a tip i can give you, is to complete the challenges. You can see them, and the reward for doing them, by pressing on the trophy in top right corner the main menu. I hope this helps you

Its a great game. Good gameplay and decent graphics. There is one BIG BIG problem though, its too hard too get a lot of money and to get new levels it is expensive. Other than that, its a great mobile skating game. Also, the custom parks are too expensive, you can’t make anything good, and you dont grt money. Also add some extra goals or going on foot and getting off your board. Just playing SKATE and points mode gets boring. Add gamemodes like horse or high combo. Right now, 7.6/10

This is a great game. It is even better after the recent update, nice levels, lots of tricks and it works great offline. The characters body looks a little bit stiff and not as natural as on the bmx version of the app. I have both and I love both of them.

when you take a spill on steps, too close to any standing structure, or when you try to skate vert. he gets stuck inside those objects and it forces you to start over bcuz he kinda stays inside the structure or in the case of vert he falls and instead of standing up he’ll get stuck sideways and floating and you can’t make em bail to get you out! It’s still the best skate app I’ve found tho, I’m hooked on it once I get started.

  • I will look into it. Thank you for the detailed reply. Until this is fixed you can press the back button on your device or the pause button in the top right corner to get to the pause menu. From there you can press “Go to marker”. That will respawn you at the starting point without having to start over

Best skateboard game on the market by far, the levels are cool and somewhat realistic plus you can configure the controls and camera height and distance from skater with the added bonus of creating your own park ,you can also totally customize your skater and boards, would recommend anyone to download it. I’ve been skateboarding for 17 years.

So the games great and all but just it’s hard to do some of the tricks in skate when the game confuses turning 90⁰ as a 180, for example one of the tricksets is a frontside shovit to tailslide easy enough. Wrong when you do the shovit and go to set up for the tailslide in mid air the game gives you a 180 shovit which means you do the wrong trick and you can’t go to the next trickset because you always do a 180 even when you turn 90⁰ so please fix other then that great game.

  • Hi. Thank you for the detailed review. We are aware this is a problem. In order to get to a tailalide you only need to turn at least 45 degrees compared to the rail, but we know that it’s too easy to turn more than 90 (and therefore do a 180) by mistake. We will see what we can do to fix this.

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