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Sleep TrackerDo you know how your sleep is every night?

SLEEP TRACKER is your personal sleep cycles monitor, snore recorder, and sleep sounds provider. With it, you can find whatever you wish to know about your sleep patterns, check out your snoring and dream talks, and customize the smart alarm to relieve sleep issues and aid your sleep. Why hesitate? It’s time to click download to improve your sleep quality and embrace a healthier life.

6 Things You Can Do With SLEEP TRACKER:

Learn your sleep depth and cycles
Explore your weekly & monthly sleep trends
Record and listen to your snore or dream talks
Relax yourself with sleep-aid sounds
Wake you up gently by smart alarm
Log down your sleep notes & wake-up mood

Top Reasons That You Should Download SLEEP TRACKER:

Feel excessively tired during the day while could not find reasons?
Suffer from insomnia and wish to stop sleeping with a racing mind?
Hope to be no longer groggy and function at your best in the morning?
Wish to know when you fell asleep and when you are pulled out of deep sleep?
Struggle to find a replacement for expensive sleep tracking devices?
Curious about your snoring, dream whispering or other voice during sleeping?

SLEEP TRACKER will make all your wishes above come true and bring you a more productive life you deserve.

Well-designed Features:

View sleep cycles records
How is your nightly sleep quality? Viewing daily, weekly and monthly sleep reports, you can track your sleep at ease. No need to put your phone under the pillow. Placing your device nearby would suffice.

Listen to night voices
Are you curious about if you snore or talk in dreams at night? Get your nighttime voice recordings here. You can also share those funny recordings with your friends.

Aid sleep with relaxing sounds
Just select and listen to a piece of soothing sound, you will relax your nerve, relieve your stress, and fall asleep faster.

Customize smart alarm
Getting sleepy after waking up? Customize your smart alarm to be gently wakened up at the light sleep phase and choose various alarm ringtones to feel refreshed and energized.

Write down sleep notes & wake-up mood
Have you noticed that some before bedtime habits can lead to insomnia or make the wake-up mood worse? Start logging your sleep notes and choosing your wake-up mood to help you catch those red flags.

Download SLEEP TRACKER to end all of your sleep troubles. Feel its power to ease you into sleep and refresh you from waking. Sleep better, live better.

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Sleep Tracker user reviews :

The app has a good interface and presentation. However, it seems it cannot determine whether the user is asleep or awake. I’m interested in knowing if I’m waking up frequently during the night. And on several nights, I know that I have gotten up during the night at least once… yet, the app’s sleep graph never rises to “awake” during the night. I’m not giving up entirely on the app – maybe some new info or improvement will come to light – but I can’t recommend it at this time.

  • Hi Jared, sorry for the inconvenience. We highly value your feedback and our developer will work hard to solve the problem. Thanks for your understanding. Any other feedback or questions, feel free to contact us via “Me – Feedback”. We will help you as soon as possible. Have a good day.

I’ve been using Sleep as Android since 2019 and I still love it, but it has a lot of extra features that my brother doesn’t need. Also, the price of Sleep as Android and other sleep tracking apps are insane now (compared to 2019). So I went about testing Sleep Tracker and Sleep Cycle and I found that Sleep Tracker was the best. Setting an alarm is definitely easier, and the app is an example of perfect design because everything that isn’t needed is cut away. 5/5 because it knows what it is.

  • Hi, thank you for your encouragement. Your love of our app is the best gift we’ve ever received. Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via “Feedback” in our app. We will continue to optimize our app. Best wishes.

I’ve tried a few sleep tracker apps but as I work shifts they didn’t work well due to the sleep cycle they worked within. This app allows and measures even naps. It also records you snoring lol. I am extremely impressed and would recommend while heatedly. I have raised the question with regards 2 people sleeping how can it tell but based on my experience it would seem it’s on proximity of the phone

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