Sugarcane Inc Empire Tycoon – Become the ultimate Business tycoon

[Game] Sugarcane Inc Empire Tycoon

Sugarcane Inc Empire TycoonBegin your sugarcane journey with “Sugarcane Inc Empire Tycoon Game”.

More than just cultivating, you process the crop into refreshing sugarcane juice. Enjoy every step from harvesting and processing, to become the ultimate Business tycoon.

Features of “Sugarcane Inc Empire Tycoon” Game:

Engage in Dynamic Harvesting and Transportation
Unlock Advanced Machinery
Optimize Sugarcane Production Flow
Recruit & Empower Your Factory Team
Invest, Grow, & Diversify

Cultivate and harvest lush sugarcane fields. Begin with basic machinery, Upgrade and unlock advanced machines that peel, chop, crush, and refine the sugarcane, turning it into high-quality production.

Expand your fields, enhance your factory, and discover new sugarcane varieties to keep your business booming. It’s time to turn the sweet, tall grasses into even sweeter profits. Can you rise to the challenge and build the ultimate sugarcane empire?

Sugarcane Inc Empire Tycoon user reviews :

If I could I would rate this negative stars right now. The game froze on me it wouldn’t give me orders. I kept having to rebuild each machine. But once I did it would have my levels where I had them. It’s been doing this for a while. I restarted my phone. Even went as far as unistalling the game and reinstalling it. And guess what I have to start from level one again.

Worked great until I paid VIP. Seems like the game does not connect to their server. I would steer clear of this game. I do like to support non big company developers but this is by far the worse game I have installed. Oh I am a 25+ plus IT veteran so it is not an issue with the user. Update the game so it functions. You have the money from all the users who paid VIP.

I am stuck at level 5. Everytime I log in, I have to rebuild machines. Don’t have orders. I have updated the managers and it’s all just stuck at the same level. Went through the reviews and they have all complained of the same problem. If you cannot resolve this, please refund all my money spent on the game. I have seen the other reviews and for months the players have been complaining and it’s not impacted or change anything in the game

Love the game but stuck on factory 5 and cannot process further, it’s saying I need a level 2 manager but mines level 4, all my production lines unbuild but I keep my income. Overall I do enjoy the game love the concept but frustrated at this rinse repeat cycle of stuck progression

Has some minor glitches. Screen freezing. Restart game. It goes after for a short time.

I am stuck as everyone else is & also have paid money to join VIP CLUB never knew that this game sucks at level 5 & seeing that the issue is been mentioned months ago in the review section I don’t think that you guys are working any further on the updates… I think my money is wasted by trusting the developer team… Please refund my money as I don’t think you will make new updates to this game that has huge potential… You guys literally didn’t fixed it for months…

Once you get the candy area unlocked you get stuck needing products you can’t produce to level up. Game is very buggy and has to be closed and reopened to reset workers and get trucks to move. Game is relatively fun. However a waste of time if you can’t continue to level up due to needing products player can’t product until after level up, to level up.

A cute idle game that caught my eye purely because I love pandas. It does need some better balancing, however. I’m on the second Medium Factory and I have a level 2 Harry on the Cleaning Machine, which is currently upgraded to level 3500. It generates 1.2DDD per minute, yet upgrading only costs 38.5QQ. I literally cannot spend this money fast enough. EDIT: Now over level 10,000, generating many MAX per minute, but I’m not receiving that money. Seems possible to softlock. There should be a cap.

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