The Sushi Spinnery – Show your creative flair

[App] The Sushi Spinnery Lite

The Sushi Spinnery

Revolutionize the revolving sushi bar in this fresh new sim!

Expand your menu along with your conveyor belt by designing original creations to complement more classic fare.

But it takes more than fine food to win customers over. Show your creative flair not only in sushi but in your business model by offering amenities ranging from salad bars to sumo rings. Make enough fans and you’ll unlock all new ingredients and amenities–and fresh possibilities with them!

As your reputation grows, you’ll also become eligible for competitions around the country. Hone your expertise along with your fish knives and aim for #1 in the national rankings!

In the free Lite Version of the game, you can play for 2 full in-game years.–

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The Sushi Spinnery user reviews :

The pacing it too slow. Should have speed up the tutorial a bit and start making sushi recipes much faster. The control for placing conveyor belt is also confusing. Still a solid game, though. Worth trying if you’re on the fence about buying the full game.

Ran smooth. Wasn’t quite long enough to form a decision on buying the full version. Felt game progression may be a little slow. It was good for the amount of time I played it. ( Which wasn’t long enough)

I wish it wasent *lite* I loves the game but I hate you can’t play any longer than 2 years

I love playing the games this company created ,please create more fabulous games.

So Fun! & Adorable I Love This Game…

Every Kairosoft game is so worth it indeed

It may be a demo but only getting to play for one game year is ridiculous. Almost not worth the download. 2 to 5 years would be so much better that way we can get a better taste of the features of the game before we buy. Would love the full version. Please lower the price. This game is pretty fun. Getting to develop all kinds of dishes is great. Also love getting new ingredients when I can. I can definitely see myself playing this game for a long time if I had the full version.

There’s only the “demolish” option for us to use when building the conveyor belt and amenities etc, there’s no “move” option, like in Dream House Days. Every time I want to move some conveyer belts or peep stations I always have to demolish the existing one and build a new one. Please can we have a “move” option? Thank you!

Like any other kairosoft games, the gameplay is unique and sometimes free, i feel like a lot more people would get the full version if its cheaper like ‘game dev story’ which is £1.88. Still a good game though

When building something the drag is very weird and frustrating. It took me 5 minutes to make the conveyor belt.. Still not understanding how I did it.

I love this game but the bad thing is that you have to pay for the actual version. Pleas please please make it for free.

Please make the full game free even I Japanese version please I beg you please make it free I love this game so much

advert covers top area. how am I supposed to know which sushi to offer if I can’t see the top screen??

Maybe the next game u guys create the lite edition has lesser stuff than the full and to get the stuff u need to get premium or something

The game was a good source of protein and it tastes like a piece of fun

It is the best game that I’ve ever seen but please could you add promotion

I love this game but I can’t buy it please make it free

To anyone who likes sushi, addicting games, or kairiosoft, this is the game for you!!!

I wish theres a lot item or shops inside the building

Why does it have to be paid I like all of your games I hate it beacause it should be paid

The best sushi shop game on the market

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